Sunday, March 14, 2010

A tiny spot of rain

March wind and April showers
bring forth May flowers.

We had the tiniest sprinkle of rain yesterday, and for a very long time that is the most rain we have had. I'm hoping soon we will get the rain we need. In the mean time my sewing weekend has been cut short, though I did manage to get some little cuties knitted up.

I was surfing the net a few days back and came across these wonderful little knitted toys.......
I had some multi coloured wool left over and thought how nice and bright this would be in the library for the kids to hold. The original pattern has a knitted white face, but I thought I might just use a piece of white felt. For the bottom of this little creature I also added a piece of bright pink felt to make it stand nicely. Oh if you want to knit this, go here.

While I was on the knitting spree, I found a great little pattern for some easter animals.....they turn out super duper!
OOps! I know.....bit bright.

The little rabbit and chick turn out so cute. It is designed so you can insert small easter eggs inside the animal and then give it to someone a gift. It is a clever idea. Of course Easter isn't that far away. The wool is 8 ply and when I knitted my rabbit and chick, I used size 10 knitting needles, but it knitted up quite firm, so bigger needles would be better. These two animals are going to live in the library. I will make some more for my two little nephews, Ryan and Jarrod.

Still on the knitting front, I made another one of those little bears.
That makes it three so far I have knitted now and they have gone to live in the library. Something interesting about the knitted toys......there are so many toys made commercially and the kids really go for them. I noticed the other day two girls sitting together on the bench in the library, one with the knitted dog and the other girl holding all the little knitted bears. They were just touching them and stroking them, it crossed my mind that the soft toys are still a favourite. It is almost like a comfort thing for children.

I love seeing the toys I make bringing joy to children, I remember all the dress ups I made for my boys went down a treat. We still have the big fluffy tiger mask I made for Cory, just out of some real chunky fluffy material from Spotlight. The best $5.00 I spent.

I went to visit the local library and found a stack of rather wonderful books. Yes I'm still not that great with getting rid of the flash in photo's.
The classic bush yarns is very funny. It is full of yarns and one that grabs me is called Satan.

Mrs O'Toole had about enóugh of her husband's drinking sprees and decided to try and scare him out of his habit. One Friday night, she hid herself behind a thick bush and waited for him to roll his way home from the rubbity-dub. When he came along the track she jumped out in front of him."Struth! Who the hell are you?'he cried.
'Satan' came the deep, disguised reply.
Bill O'Toole's hand shot out like an arrow. 'Shake hands, you old son of a gun! I married yer sister! 

Isn't that great? I just laughed thinking that is typical of some men. My three boys (husband and sons) are all pretty quick off the mark for comments and yarns.

Great book for some fun and laughter, you might find it at your local library. The other books are full of cross stitch, knitting and sewing ideas. I'm off to enjoy them. Oh I did do one piece of sewing, Pixie asked me to take up the hem of the pair of long pants he was taking with him to go karts!!! That's all I did!
Kind regards, Anita.


retdairyqueen said...

You reaaly do love to knit
Good for you

Sue-Anne said...

You've been very busy with those knitting needles again!

clare's craftroom said...

You are so kind giving those lovely knitted toys to the library , no wonder the little ones love them .

Cath Ü said...

I am glad that the children at school are enjoying all your knitted treasures.. Have you tried taking pictures with out the flash on.... My camera works well inside with no flash....

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Cath Ü


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