Friday, March 5, 2010

Mr cute dog

Just a tiny seed of faith, watered
with love, wisdom, and hard work...
grows into a majestic tree of blessings.

Another busy week down, and a terrific weekend of sewing and knitting coming up. I have got in early this week with the washing and ironing, by Saturday I will only have a small load of clothes to wash. Yay!!

I have finished my knitted dog and so excited and pleased with how he has turned out.....

I decided to knit him in this lovely gold colour, wool left over from a jumper. I wanted to use as many of my scrappy balls of wool, to use them up and clear my cupboards out.
I also have lots of felt floating around the cupboards, so instead of knitting in the colours, I thought I would change the pattern a bit and use the felt for the dots. The pattern said to use felt for the ears so I stuck with that idea.

His under body is bright and I am pleased to say I used up about six small balls of left over wool. I also knitted the nose on instead of a pom pom. My dog will remain nameless until it gets to the library and one of the children will come up with some great name for him.

One of our neighbours has the biggest tree I ever a back yard anyway. In this tree must live every bird that lives in our town. There is an assortment of species and you should hear the noise coming from that tree! It is really nice actually. I have decided to lovingly rename my neighbours as Mr and Mrs Cooch. (from the cartoon Footrot flats).

Some of the most recent visitors besides the Mudlarks are the magpies. The magpies have nested in the tree and there are magpies everywhere. Maggies as they are affectionately known are very very aggressive towards people, animals anything that moves when they have young.

I was very lucky to get these photo's but in fact there were about 8 magpies hanging around. Unfortunately I couldn't get them all in one snap, they weren't too excited about me being there, so when I got too close
they moved. 

It might be hard to see, but the bird on the left of the picture is the baby. Their feathers are a bit motely in colour, once they get older, they are a definate black and white.

I don't know what this one was looking at but I reckon he might've been saying....."Lord, please make her go away!"

This is the feeder that attracts every bird from here to kingdom come. Mr Cooch is always in his shed building and banging away and is very pleased with himself with the finished product. This was built out of an old rubbish bin lid, a couple of bits of metal and has been visited by our local Kookaburra's as well. Of course!

I did try to take a photo of that tree...but only a small fraction of it could fit into the photo. I don't know what sort of tree it is...all I know is it's huge.

Time is starting to tick away and soon it will be time to collect my two petals from school. Next week will be very busy, as Cory and I are off to the AC/DC concert in Perth...can't wait, I love them. In the meantime Pixie and Brandon are off to take in a movie, they aren't into the same music as Cory and I. It will be a late night.

Brandon & I will have our hair cut on Tuesday night...the poor old hairdresser will probably cut my hair while I sleep. The rest of the week will just be the usually choas of working, cleaning and trying to catch up with sleep. Until next time, take care. Kind regards, Anita.


Sue-Anne said...

Your dog is so cute, especially his tummy! We have magpies nest every year and whilst they are fine with me, Max the cat gets swooped every time he walks in the back yard. What a great bird feeder!

AC/DC - lucky you! I remember them playing at our school dances when we were teenagers and before they became famous. Hope you have a great time.

Cath Ü said...

My hubby makes bird feeders too... we are lucky the maggies haven't nested in the tree near us... so far... LOL but I do get swooped by willy wag tails when they nest in my wash house... LOL

Your knitted dog has turned out good...
Caths Blog
Cath Ü


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