Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweetest things........

Isn't she sweet? I knew she was going to happen. So pretty I had to make two of her. She is so easy to make and my friend Heather will be pleased I have about thirty buttons less than she does. I bought the Creating Country Threads (Vol 10 No 2). She is on the cover just to tempt us. The second one I made came in a bit short as I ran out of the green material, so instead of getting snippy I just made a nice pair of organza pants and kept right on going. I just love Christmas and these two girls are getting me right in the mood.
We've been having the typical October weather lately, some warm days, some cold days but my pink daisies are really loving themselves and have burst out all over the place. They are so pretty.
Just the other side of my daisies are the other flowers also being very happy with themselves. We have several flowering shrubs out the front, so when my husband (Pixie) and I are having a cup of tea together you almost get bombarded by the little birds swooping down in the bushes or having a drink out of the bird bath.
The cup and saucer belonged to my mum and every time I see the cup I think of her. It always brings me warm feelings and reminds me of all sorts of funny memories of her. The beer stein I believe belonged to my Dad, well I remember him drinking out of it always. The stein was made in Western Germany (as it says on the bottom of the stein) and had it been made in East Germany it would have been worth alot more moneywise. Of course, though, to me it is priceless and would not be sold. The old plate in the background is also from my childhood and I need to have an antique dealer look at it so I can learn some history. I remember cutting oranges up on it and taking in the backyard under the grapevine. Oops one of my dolls got in the picture!
I'm waiting patiently for my sister-in-law Leila to settle back at home from her wonderful trip to New Zealand. Leila and her husband John had two weeks away and only returned home last night. They are such great people and so much fun. I am so lucky to have scored myself a sister-in-law like her, we have so much fun together, and she is a sweet person.

I have just finished reading the best book I have ever read. It is called 'Ma, he sold me for a few cigarettes' by Martha Long. It is an autobiography and is tragic but inspirational. There are two other books that follow on and I am now almost through book number two. If you want a good read, I would recommend it. I better get going now as I need to get dinner on the go. I hope you all have had a terrific day as I have and catch you soon. Kind regards, Anita

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Bev C said...

Those dolls are just so cute. Lucy and I saw a Pixie lookalike yesterday. We both thought it was him. He has a twin!!!


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