Friday, October 23, 2009

Flowers and Springtime

I love the Springtime, flowers busting out everywhever, colours throughout the yard, baby birds chirping and.....hayfever. This year almost everyone you come across is suffering badly this year from hayfever and allergies. Even a lady at work who has never had hayfever has managed to get a dose of it this year. With my hayfever and all, I still managed to get most of my spring cleaning done. The two girls above, got a nice clean over and they're looking very small with themselves.

While I was doing some spring cleaning I came across a shoe box tucked away in a cupboard, naturally curious, I decided to check out what was in the box. I found several items I had not seen in years and also found this book.
Have a look at the date of it. An old farmer gave it to me years ago and I made sure not to damage it and put it in that 'safe' spot. I never ever find things again usually when things go to the 'safe' spot. But I have been true to myself, the book is still in one piece.

Talking about things being in one piece, I have never been able to bake a descent batch of scones nor have I been able to grow lavender. Scones and lavender, everyone tells me, are supposed to be so simple to bake and grow. I have kept on having a go at them over the years, just to give it a shot. So now I have nice lavender. I don't know what I did this time that was any different to all the other times. So I will still have a go at scones. Oh I've tried the lemonade recipe as well, and if I threw one of my scones at someone, I'd be done for assault with a deadly weapon.

On a happier note, my petunia's are growing lovely, no problems there. My portulaca's are coming on nicely too.

I hope everyone enjoys their lovely weekend coming up. I plan to return to the garden, sew and tackle this rotten knitting pattern that is causing me some grief. I have been a knitter since I was a small child (now almost 48) and the way patterns are written up in the newer books are not getting along with me at all. I will just keep chipping away at it and if that doesn't work I'll keep knitting the baby beanies. have a great weekend. Kind regards, Anita

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Bev C said...

Anita, You have re-discovered a real treasure in that booklet. Hope you manage to get the knitting sorted out. You may want to take a wander down to Good Sammy's they have bags and bags of new wool in at only $1.00 per ball.


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