Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My three cows

Hello to you all. I can't believe another work week for me is nearly over. It just flies by too fast. I've had a very busy week at work, home and crafting on the weekend. I've managed to tie up little ends that have needed doing and I feel like I am on top of things now.

I have been looking through my bookcase finding all
sorts of future projects and in doing that, I also spotted a book that I haven't looked in for a while. It is called 'Back to basics', all to do with growing your own veges, making your own butter, It is a very interesting book and it is when you look through these books that you realize how much everything is already produced for
 us these days.

I have now managed to collect three of the same style cows, I love them. Cows, chooks, roosters and other farm animals just give that nice country feel to a house.

My friend Heather made me this lovely Home Sweet
Home hanger. Heather knows I love hearts and she
made it while we were both into folk art. Heather is
really good at fold art, all the flowers she painted
looked like flowers, she is so clever.

I found this lovely angel at the second hand store and I
thought she was too lovely to pass by, so she came home
with me. I'm a softie when it comes to op shops or second
hand stores.

I ordered some lovely buttons through Ebay and they came
all the way from America. I need to go and make a nice
cup of tea and look through the tin to check out my
treasure. I'll see you all soon. Kind regards, Anita

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clare's craftroom said...

I hope we get to see all your lovely new buttons , I love your angel !


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