Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My new blog (09/10/09)

Hi there everyone! I have been a "blog follower" for a fair while now, and I've decided to join in on all the fun. While hacking around different blog sites I have met some very nice people who enjoy the same sorts of things that I like.

The little cottage I live in with my three darlings now has a sweet white picket fence around it. I have waited many years for this fence and it really sets off our home. I love the feel of cottage homes and the sense of peace and tranquility they send out. My husband and I often sit out the front on our special bench and have afternoon tea, while our cute son Cory rides his bike up and down the road.
I also have a few photo's of some of the crafts I have been doing over
the last six months or so. The two dolls were a challenge
my friend Heather & I had with Bev from
Kaingahappenings. My girl was red work stiching and
Heather went all out with lovely colours. I was also busy at
Easter and made a heap of rabbits and chicks for the crew
at work. I was very pleased with the way the gifts turned

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