Thursday, October 15, 2009

Keepsakes and little treasures

Hello to everyone! We have had the sunniest day today, with more fine and hot weather to come. I can't wait to get into the garden on the weekend, as I have some nasturtiums that need to go to the chooks. How they will love that! Look at what my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday last year. Lovely cannisters that sit happily on my special shelf. All the little stuffed toys are valentine gifts I have given to my husband over the years (making sure to have them delivered at his work place with a red rose as well). I just love old cannisters, wooden kitchenalia and old pots. The wooden herbs boxes were my Mum's and I have them because when she bought a new modern set I scored them to play with. They went straight into my plastic animal box as they came in handy as horse stables. Over the years I misplaced some of the lids, but I'm so glad I still have some of the boxes.

I went to one of the Op shop's around town the other day and look at the little treasures I picked up along the way. The patchwork block that was already made up is going to turn into a cushion cover, and the reels of ribbon will be used at a later date. These all cost me $1.00. The ribbon and lace is brand new! I love scratching around Op shop's because you find such great things. Infact the table runner underneath is from the Op shop, but it was not completely made up. The squares of Debbie Mumm material were already sewn up together!!!! and all I added was the wadding and backing. I couldn't believe it. Amongst all this jumbled up material I saw this 1 inch of material sticking up that looked like Debbie Mumm material , so I simply pulled it out of the mound, and it kept on coming, more Debbie Mumm, more....more.....and finally I pulled the whole thing out, just thinking I had struck it rich. What's more I paid $1.50 for it.

Do you think my nasturtiums have gone mad? It has grown up everything. I love them because they give the old worldy feel to my yard. The garden is such a nice place to find peace and have quiet thoughts to yourself. I have since pulled the nasty little weeds up that are in the photo, that sneak up on you in no time.

I am off to the library now as a knitting book I ordered in has arrived. I can't wait to see it and make something out of it as well. I have almost finished my lovely top I am knitting. I will show and tell when it is finished. I will be back in a few days and hope you all have a lovely day in the meanwhile. Kind regards, Anita.

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clare's craftroom said...

Hi Anita thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog , your kindness is much appeciated , thanks again , take care .


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