Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pretty Girl

Well a warm and sunny hello to you all! Here she is, all finished, just in pack away for next year! I had the best time knitting 'Hey Teach', it was one of those enjoyable knitting patterns. I love knitting, but this pattern was like one of those extraordinary cups of coffee you make that are a little bit more special for some reason.

I found this pattern on the internet on a free pattern site. If you go to and then type in the search box Hey Teach it will go to the instructions for you. The wool I used was Moda Vera Mousse, which is a very thick ply, and I am going to knit this again in 8 ply to see what happens. I often come across patterns with wool you have never heard of and I just have a go at the pattern anyway with what wool I have. You can always gauge anyway on the amount of stitches or needle sizes that are used in patterns.
Have you ever turned on the radio and listened to a song that you haven't heard in years and it reminds you of a certain time in your life? That seems to happen with not only music but smells and objects. The other day I was scratching around my storage cupboards and found this tiny little dog. My Mum bought this for me when I was about 9 or 10 years old. The dog was part of a set of three (different sized, same breed). There was also another set of Collie dogs too. The only two I remember still having in my possession is this one and the tiny Collie dog. But I was so surprised to see him because it has been years since I saw him.
Seeing him reminds me of the many times he brought such happy memories. My Mum, my niece Ann and I used to hide him and the other tiny dog, off each other. We are really strange. I think my Mum used to have the best hiding spots. When we were at school, well, she had all the time in the world to think up great hiding spots.

No wonder he was hard to find, he is rather small. I had a great collection of plastic animals and I still have a few of them today. They went hand in hand with my lego set. We had so little money growing up, as in that time it was the same for most families, but the things we did get were played with non stop.

A little while ago, a kind friend of ours asked me if I would like this old gate he had, knowing how I am in the garden. I believe Pete didn't even finish asking me the question and I'd said yes. This lovely treasure had been out in his backyard for years, just blending in with his vegetable patch. I made sure to ask him if he was absolutely sure he wanted to part with it. He was ready to part with it. I love the old gates you used to see because they had so much character about them. My flowers are enjoying this little gate anyway.

I'm off now to have some harsh words with my washing machine that refuses to start. It has been coming for a while now so if it won't wash, I'll have to crack out the ole scrubbing board and keep washing. Catch you all in a few days time and have the best week end. Kind regards, Anita

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