Sunday, September 29, 2019

Train yourself to find the blessing in everything 💜

I can't believe it!!!! The holidays have started and I'm so happy. I know most people don't have so many breaks in their work place so I value every break my job gives us all. It gives me the time to catch up on things that have taken a back seat to while I've been busy around this time of year.

I always have a plan for each break from work and this break will help me catch up on weeding around the yard, making new stock for our Visitor's Centre and catching up with friends.

I have discovered that crocheting for market sales is the way to go, for the sake of my hands, speed of production and for the enjoyment I am having in my new learned craft. Below is a cute little baby top I made just a couple of days ago. It is crocheted using a cotton yarn with 4.50 crochet hook. I haven't changed my wicked still needs a button. 😂

A quick peek at my pretty flower. How lovely Mother Nature?

I seem to be having a pink moment.....I started this gorgeous, simple baby top last night. Though it isn't very noticeable in this photo, the yarn actually has a sparkle throughout. It is coming along nicely. I can't tell you the pattern though, there isn't one.😸

My recent purchases from the local craft shop. Forgive me....I cannot help myself. On several levels, these pegs are special.

   All the dogs in the neighborhood are barking. What is in the sky?

Spring is happening in Australia right now, and the 'blooms' are everywhere. I love how the flowers have popped out to say hello to the sun. Milo is suffering with his allergies though, and this is the only down fall about spring.

My trophy for winning the Craft Work Section at the show. So pretty.

And here.....lurking from the deep lagoon....the one and only.....

He wants a cup of tea too.
Such a snoop.

My friends, have a beautiful weekend and live for each day.
Ciao, Anita.


Kim said...

Now young really have to let your fear of buttons go. =) They truly are not all that scary you know. fabulous! Enjoy pulling all those weeds.

Mereknits said...

Crochet is so much faster than knitting. I was such an avid knitter for years but I find I crochet much more now. I can put it down in the middle of a row without stretching stitches. I can get so much more done, but it does use up much more yarn. Enjoy your break.

Karen S said...

Holidays are the best!! So good to let you rejuvenate.
Enjoy your time in the garden. We have been getting out there too as the weeds are well on the move.
Lots of crochet in the future for you from the look of it. Love the pinks.

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