Sunday, May 25, 2014

The sweetest
conversation between
is the silent
communication of their hearts.
Howdy doing!!! Hope you’re are trotting along nicely and having a fantastic day!! Mine day is dancing along real well. Tragically.....I’m still hooked on knitting and/or crocheting cowls. I need help....can someone stop me??? Lol  I have found  a sweet crochet pattern. I have adapted this little cream cowl to a smaller size and added a.....crocheted thing on it as a tie.

Here is a close up of the pattern. The pattern is called Infinity scarf but I have to tell you there are several styles of infinity scarves out there. I saw one made in chunky yarn on youtube and you knit it using your hands not needles. Didn't really do much for me, but others might like it. I did love making this infinity scare though, it was such fun to make. Click here for the pattern of the original. 

If people give you yarn......

Some people I know are feeding my addiction. Lol They give me all this yummy yarn that I just have to use and they know it. A message I will send out to you all is.....if you get small amounts of yarn given to you don’t panic, there is always something you can make. I know I can’t make cowls forever.......or can I?..... but as the internet is available to us, you can find so many small projects to make using this stuff!!! I know at the moment I have cowl on the brain, but at other times I have made heaps of beanies, or baby mittens, bootees etc. It’s heaps fun to create

Talking about donated yarns.....
Here is my latest project. With some of the donated 3 ply yarn I decided to make myself a knitted scarf and found this super soft and fab pattern on ravelry. Click here for the pattern. It is an amazing pattern, one that you follow by chart. Have a great time, I’m loving it.

 Oh yes......another cowl.......oops!

 Hey, here’s a go....not a cowl!!!! Slid in this little baby beanie, just for a change.
I’ve been busy in the library...
I really love decorating the library with lovely displays, here are a couple I’ve had fun with. On other fronts I have been busy in the library too!! I am training the kids up to realise my hair is not grey, it is actually ‘ash blonde’. I’m having fun with that one. The reaction from the kids is priceless, I hope the kids aren’t scared when they leave primary school after having a library officer like me!!! Lol

We’ve been Lucky enough to have some much wanted rain, but the only draw back is I can’t get into my shed to sew. Hmmm...I see the rain has stopped now. I’ll take this opportunity to buzz off out the back there and whip that sewing machine to bits. Have a super great day and knock around with people who give you heaps of positive vibes...they’re delicious to hang out with.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gone cowl mad

Friendship seems to
find me  when I need
it the most.
A glorious good morning to you all! I’ve been MIA the last couple of weeks,...I didn’t seem to be able to slow down at all, but it’s all good now. I seem to have gone ‘cowl mad’.....I was rummaging through my scarf box and spotted a cowl I had knitted last year and that was it......out came the knitting needles and the knitting began. Here is what I’ve been doing.....
Pretty blue cowl with a super duper white button

Lolly pop colours for little girls..

This one has been sold...cute baby blue with a crocheted flower.
Catching up with Heather the feather is always a fun experience, so while we were having afternoon tea, Heather whipped out her latest finish. Isn’t it just gorgeous? I imagine it kept her out of trouble for a while too. Lol
(You may think this is a Grandma....but it’s really the wolf!!! Lol)

Here are some Mother’s Day gifts I made for the primary school stall.....

Cute little gifts
Plastic spoons, with three yummy lollies, wrapped it tulle and ribbon. They all sold!! It was a quick and fun project to help raise money for the school.

What else have I been doing?......
Visiting the local library and finding a book full of great quilting and patch working idea’s...

Loving  these home cooked biscuits that Heather baked...they are very nice.

Admiring Max, while he sits, pondering on a video chair outside. He thinks he’s human I’m sure!

Slowly chipping away at my mini quilt, being made for a girl. I’m loving the fabric I’ve chosen for the border,.. it is very sweet.

I’m off now to enjoy my Sunday morning. I’ve had a great weekend of doing mostly the things I want to do, Enjoyed the Dockers game against Geelong last night. Great game Ashlee!! Lol See you all again.

Cheers, Anita.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday Night with Friends

The sweetest conversation
between friends is the silent
of their hearts.
A glorious good morning to you all and I’m so glad I’ve managed to join along with the Friday Night with Friends crew. At the moment I am into slouch hats as I have a house full of boys that seem to be liking head wear.
This is how I’ve progressed....

I did a rather odd thing here, I found a pattern and did attempt to follow it. I do struggle with the way the new patterns are described and couldn’t make out what was going on so made my own design using the amount of stitches mentioned.

You could also have this slouchy either way, the pattern looks cute on both sides.

A plain, but very nice fitting slouch hat. Looks a little big you may think? Nope, Corey tried it on and it’s a perfect fit and looks greatI just did a ribbing and then stocking stitch with this one.....

Had to share some excellent news with you all. I almost thought I had won the lotto.....a friend came over to show me a big bag of granny squares someone was selling over the net, and that she’d purchased. Well.....she shared some with me!!!! Eeekkkkk!!! It was so exciting, just look at them.

Now is that not one of the most fantastic things that can happen???? Lol Was for me, I jumped for ‘Joy’ .

Thanks to  Cheryll for organising Friday Night with Friends. It is such a fun way to spend the night knowing that other people are doing the same thing you are. Click here to see what the other gals are doing.
Made this for a special girl who kindly made me a dinosaur out of clay. I thought this beaded doll with a dinosaur dress on and tucked in a dinosaur bag might be appropriate!!

May you have a fun weekend and stay happy.

Cheers, Anita.


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