Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

The laughter of a child is
the light of a house
-African proverb
Hello to you all. While my hubby and son have been away I have used the extra time to investigate different ideas for my show entries and to get some craft work done. I have also been asked to make some toys for the school office and have started this weekend off with one of my favourites.......
Mrs Ladybird
also this little doll made out of left over bits.
Pretty dolly
It's not long to go now and we're off on our trip to Italy. We can hardly wait and I thought it would be great to make some name tags to put on our bags. Fiona put me on to the Homespun magazine for a bag tag pattern which I adjusted slightly by stitching names on to calico and sewing it together. Many thanks for the tip Fiona, they are terrific.
Name tags
I know I pretty much tease my friend Heather to the ends of the earth but she truly is a great friend. Heather was kind enough to share some of her buttons with me, which to us is equivalent to sharing the lotto winnings. lol.
Super cute buttons
A great find at the library....can't wait to make some of these.
Great book
I will now head off to make sewing shed once again with a hot cup of tea to go. I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and hope the weekend is special for you. I have hubby and Cory missing this year at Easter as they are in South Australia, so I hope they take care and it won't be many days to go before I pick you both up from the airport. Good luck with the go karts tomorrow Cory. Big kisses to Pixie.
Happy Easter to you all
Cheers, Anita

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Toys and knitting.


Hello, I have been a busy budgie this week. A non-stop production line of toys has happened
 and it doesn't feel like it's going to stop any time soon. My latest couple of toys.....Mr Alien..
A bright knitted teddy, destination - school.
In the knitting department, another cute little pink top for lovely Savannah, my little niece who is as cute as a button. This is a pattern from the book Heirloom baby knits by Deborah Newton. To be honest some of the new knitting books are hard for me to follow instructions, but this book is fantastic to travel by while you're trying to read the instructions. You should be getting this little cute cardie soon Savannah, when Uncle Pixie drops it off for you. xx
Oops!!! Another special cardi for Savannah.
This pattern is found in an older book called The baby knitting and crochet book ISBN 0600391280. This book is an oldie but a beauty, you will find everything in here. Please don't notice that there are no buttons, it is typical of me...there will be some soon. lol
I have just been reading a frightful but inspiring book about  Rwanda!!

Truly an amazing book. If you can get through what those people did I reckon you could pretty much get through anything. My hubby and son Cory are still over in South Australia with go karting and they tell me that the country side (other than the go kart track!!) is magnificent. Enjoy yourself guys and all the best to you Cory with your racing.
I'm buzzing off now to do some sewing in my shed before it warms up too much. The weather has cooled down considerably but it can still be stuffy in my shed. More toys to sew? Bags perhaps...the world is my oyster. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I do believe the Easter bunny will be hopping around some time soon.
Cheers, Anita.

Friday, March 15, 2013

We've had rain!!!

All animals except for man know that

the principle business of life is to enjoy it.

-Samuel Butler

In my last posting I showed you some farm animals I had made now I can show you the last bit of my project.......
I am so excited about the barn house and I have been on the lookout for a container that will hold the sides up and make it firmer.
I didn’t manage to even get to the library before the kids pounced on me to see what it was. It is already a favourite with the kids which is just what I wanted. Over the week I have been busy......
Another TV blanket finished.....
In the garden and it’s amazing what some rain will do for the plants. Yesterday we had a substantial drop of rain .....

Pot plants all happy
And even this poor old hibiscus couldn’t believe it had rained. The flower thought it was all too hard to hold itself up. Today there are still storm clouds hanging around but it’s supposed to be 30C today and it has warmed up. We are very excited about the rain, as it's been a long and hot summer.
Good luck to Pixie and Cory who are travelling off to South Australia for go karts. Have a safe and fun trip. Good luck also to any West Aussie’s who are competing in the event as well. I imagine my sewing shed will be hammered to pieces during their time away.
Enjoy the weekend everyone out there, hope you gets lots of things done!! I’d love to hear how the weather is going in your parts of the world. I have been keeping a watch on the weather in Italy and it was 12C with 88% humidity a few days ago!!!?? I’ll stop complaining about our weather now. Lol. Almost forgot!!! Savannah & Hudson.....Uncle Pixie is dropping off some special things for you both tomorrow!!! They were made for you with love.
Cheers, to you all, Anita.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Farm animals.

Just one simple act of kindness
might make someone’s day –
or even a new friend.

Hello to you all.  I have had a productive week this week in many ways and I have managed to finish many of my projects. I will tease you all a bit with these farm animals. 

What’s this????
I haven't finished the project just yet but today I think I might get the other piece done. I will show you in the next post that I do.  I have cut out animals from materials that I've had forever, stitched them to gingham and stuffed them. On the knitting front I have made this gorgeous little top for Savannah, though it will be too big for her yet I couldn't resist it.
For Savannah

 More baby knitting. This is in 8 ply and if you would like the pattern dig back through my older posts it is there somewhere!! lol.
The cute pattern I knitted Savannah's top in comes from this book. I found it at the local library and boy, it has some ripper patterns in it.

Great knitting book
Last weekend Cory bought his first car and in typical form and boy style Brandon and Cory went to get our other Corey to go for a spin and test it out. Then they came home all excited, turned on the music and started cleaning the car.
Boys and their cars 
You can only see one of them but trust me, they're all in that car!! I'm off now to finish 'that' project and enjoy what is left of the weekend. It is much cooler here today so everyone is full of energy.  Chat soon to you all and have a great weekend.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hey hey hey!!! It’s Friday Night with Friends!!!

Hello, I had a great Friday Night with Friends. I decided to really get stuck into my crochet granny squares and there was much success to the night. I making TV blankets for the kids at school to use in the library, so I need to make about 30 small crocheted blankets for a class room to use. I am making 12 squares to a blanket, just the right size to wrap over little legs.
I have already made 3 blankets, so...oh not many to go now!! lol. In between times I have been knitting a few baby jackets to go some special babies on the way. This is one I have just finished.
I have a few projects on the go right now, a bit of stitching, sewing and knitting. Now there is a bit a friendly squabbling going on between two young ladies I know and a loving message to you both.....Lisa and Sam....Aunt Anita has enough love to go around and can knit for both of those lovely babies!!! lol. Got some stitches on my needles already.
I'm off to check out the other gals and their progress with their Friday Night with Friends projects. Why not hop over to Cheryll's blog and see what is happening there. Have a super long weekend, cross fingers for great weather. Cheers to you all.


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