Saturday, June 23, 2018

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Hello my wonderful friends, I have had a couple of weeks without blogging but I am back. Sometimes life steams ahead at a fast pace and we struggle to catch up, this is where I have been. Our darling Milo has not been very well and is still trying to regain his health. I have one more week of work before going on holidays and I must say....I am looking forward to them.

At the last market day I was asked to make a cushion suitable for a girl and I could decide on the pattern and colour. The lady had purchased the boy cushion and wanted a girl one also. They are a very good sized cushion - 40cm x 40cm. I double stitched most seams, hand stitched attachments and made the cushion inserts as well.

Just love that face!!

This fun crochet project is an order for another lady who was interested in an Elvis outfit for a newborn baby! I laughed with this one, for several reasons I laughed. Firstly, my sense of humour is right out the window!!! and secondly, the lady who wants this made is as funny as a play.
The yarn I used is an 8ply yarn and very nice to crochet with.

.....and the belt!!!!

the wonderful Milo...

I have made a new cover for the outdoor chairs. I'm right into stripes at the moment and when someone gives you a big length of striped fabric.....

 Now I share a special photo with you all. On our local Facebook Buy and sell page, this beautiful platter was put up for sale for only $15!! I had to buy it as my eyes were just drawn to it. The colours, the design, I was in love. So I pay and collect this beautiful thing. It was as lovely as it looked in the photo only bigger than I expected.
 When I turned it over to look at the back....
Can you believe it? I have scored nicely here. Tomorrow I get to spend time with my crazy Ag. Society friends at a get together...I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for dropping by and letting me share my finds, thoughts and projects with you. A good Sunday to you all.
Ciao, Anita.


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