Sunday, October 20, 2019

Angels exist but sometimes they don't have wings and are called Friends.


Well Buongiorno & Good Morning beautiful ladies! I have woken up to a glorious Spring morning in the part of the world I live in. It is always a positive start to the day when you can hear nothing but the birds talking to each other, baby chicks calling out to their mother's to be fed, no car traffic going by and the sun has only started to rise......(and no Milo crying at the back door already!!)๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Our town is heavily supporting the McGrath Foundation for Breast Cancer  and for the whole month there will be a series of fundraising activities to raise money, so the town is turning Pink. Everyone has been asked to decorate their house, fence, letter box or anything they have with pink ribbon or fabric.

So here is my house at the moment....

 I went to the local op shop to find all the pink attire for my scarecrow to wear.  I found it amazing when I came across the writing on the t shirt - Girls unite.
And yes, the flowers are real. I couldn't believe how much pink I already had growing in my garden.

So I find a pretty little pattern to crochet a sheep and decide I might like to try and make it. Looks interesting to start with.....

nope ..... don't like it! It looked so much nicer in the photo. The ears are so far apart and lost. It took up a heck of a lot of yarn, I couldn't believe it. I had planned to make it to use up left over bits of yarn, but no, you have to have a good amount to make the body. Doesn't matter, it is made now and perhaps someone will like it at the markets.

I did enjoy making these little unicorns though. Very pleased with them. They are about 3 inches x 4 inches, bright and fun to make. I will have no trouble bringing happiness to some little child at the markets with these.

My new terracotta pots, filled with an assortment of geranium. I am still working away on this project.

Between projects, I came across an interesting crochet pattern. I can't even tell you where I found it, probably on Pinterest. It is an easy pattern and very effective in it's outcome. The pattern winds in and out of itself.

And here is the big cry baby that sits at the back door and cried for attention. Apparently having every human being that lives in the house not giving him attention 24 hours of the day is Milo's eyes.

It is time for me to bid you farewell, my stomach is grumbling and I can hear the kettle boiling away. That can only mean it is time for coffee and breakfast. I wish you all a wonderful week full of beautiful things.

Ciao!! Anita. ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‹


Karen S said...

How wonderful that your whole town gets behind the fund raising effort. I think that a a wonderful thing for a community to do. Love your pink scarecrow and your front fence and gate.
Your little crochet unicorns are so cute. And how fascinating is that new pattern you are trying!
Enjoy your early morning quiet.

Kim said...

Your home looks fabulous all pretty in pink, Anita! How wonderful the whole town has taken up this great fundraising project. The Jane McGrath Pink Cancer initiative is truly remarkable. Love those little unicorns; they are so sweet. Have a great week, lovely lady.

Julie said...

I love your house all decorated up in Pink Anita. If I walked on by, I would surely have to knock on your door & tell you how fab it all looks. Love your new creations too. Hello to Milo - poor neglected wee soul. xx

tesselleelle said...

Ciao Anita, bellissima la tua casa, con tutto il bel colore rosa, per la lodevole iniziativa, bellissimi anche i tuoi fiori, li adoro, lo spaventapasseri รจ esilarante! Mi piacciono tutti i tuoi lavori, complimenti sei sempre molto produttiva. Anch'io ho fatto l'unicorno per la mia nipotina Emma e prossimamente farรฒ un post. Tenero Milo....buona colazione! un abbraccio,

Verbena said...

Bella la tua casa e lo spaventapasseri รจ favoloso!
Buona primavera a te. Ciao, Anita! ♥

Mereknits said...

Your house is beautiful and so good of you to decorate in honor of breast cancer awareness. Love the scarecrow Anita, you are brilliant.

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