Sunday, October 26, 2014

A profound week.

We begin and end with family....
in-between we encounter poignant and memorable occasions that canvas our life journey making us who we are.
-Lynne Kooij

Hey....what’s this? Water balloons?? What’s going on?

......oh yes........last day of Year 12. Here is one of the little culprits caught in the act.
Got ya Corey!!

My two boys Cory and Corey have just finished their schooling years and were preparing for their last day. A great warm day for a water fight and spending their last few hours with friends they may not see again anytime soon.
I have to say I was not prepared for how profound the day has been for all of us. The boys realizing they would not see their mates on a daily basis, no more driving to school each day, my other Corey is now moving back home to his family, the two boys have shared a room together for so long, back to setting up 4 plates at tea time instead of 5. It’s all a bit sad for me in many ways, but I know as one door closes another one opens.
                Good luck my boys.
My week in the craft world was pretty fun. Do you love my pencil dolls?

Found the pattern here. You will have to scroll down a bit, but they're there!!
The head bands are still happening thick and fast...

Found a gorgeous flower to crochet and put on the headbands.

Hey these guys have grown!!!!

A bag of treasure given to me....lots of goodies in here.

Searching the house today for my brown fabric pen so this girl can have some eyes. My beaded dolly is being sold to a young girl that just needs to have one.

The weather is warming up around here and summer will be upon us soon. Not many weeks before we are on school holidays again, boy how time rolls by. Have a super week ahead folks, stay happy.
Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A busy week

My best friend is the one who brings
Out the best in me.
-Henry Ford.
Hi gang! Boy....have I had a busy week!! Lol...My darling husband came home with three little ones that had come out of a tree in the bush. Let me introduce to you my three new charges.....
Only a mother could love those faces.
These little chicks are called twenty eights. They do turn into colourful birds but are not particularly welcomed in all gardens, especially people with fruit trees in their yards. They do damage by picking out seeds of fruit and then leaving the rest behind. These little guys will live in our aviary unless there is a refuge somewhere that takes them.
So every three hours they are fed. I feel like I have triplets. Lol.

This week my crafting time has been very productive though. Come have a look......
Stitched the buttons on my head bands.
Anyone heard of the crochet term: bphdc ? This pattern has that and it was a bit tricky, but if you are a crocheter you will be fine.
These are for small girls, but if you would like to try this pattern click here.

 A beaded doll in the making. I have been commissioned to make one and have some cute material for the dress.

Oh...oops!...a quick tea break with my favourite magazine. Lots of goodies in here

A sweet little baby beanie.

An interesting  knitting stitch that I just had to try. The pattern is called ‘Slippy mesh stitch’....(apparently). 

It’s a stitch I have never seen before until the Royal Show where the stitch had been used in a baby set. Even though I have knitted forever, I don’t fly well with the new terms and abbreviations used in the knitting world, so I hoped this pattern wouldn’t be in those terms. Thank you Youtube for your help. Lol I decided to watch how it was made instead. Click here if you are interested in this stitch.

On Friday night the Ag. Society members had a BBQ night and celebrate the success of this year’s show.  Of course there were booby prizes and I won 2 of them. The hankies were for me to wipe the sweat off my face as I was close by when the judges were inspecting and picking our knitted items to pieces!!!! Even though I won first prize, it was all too much for me to be within earshot to hear how they go through the work. The eye covers are so I don’t see them doing it!!

A nice little surprise came in the form of this cute little tin. I helped a friend out with some knitting and this was my reward. Thanks Dale, you didn’t have to.

 What will this coming week bring I wonder? I’m hoping for a fabulous, fun week. I’m starting on new projects so I can show and tell next week. We have rain here today at Hayestackhayes, a lovely sound before our summer starts. Hope it’s not bad news for our farmers because there is hay on the ground.
See ya later alligator!!
Cheers, Anita.          

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The holidays are over.

By the light of
the moon
The moon was showing off this week with its beautiful colourings. We had a blood moon on Thursday night....

Cory is an excellent photographer and actually took these shots of the moon. All you would’ve seen of my photography efforts was fuzz. The next night this beautiful display....

It took about half an hour before the moon changed back to its normal glory. Mother nature has much beauty.
It’s back to work tomorrow and my last dash in the sewing shed this week has been very productive. Here we go.....time to share.
Some cute little owls with beaded eyes and super sweet fabrics.

Who who!!

These will be sold at the tourist centre here in town.
Baby knitting is always a favourite for me...a little beanie on the go.

Yay for youtube! I crocheted this cute little flower and will add it to the headbands I am also knitting.

A little while back I shared my new fabrics with you and had a secret project on the go. Here it is now.....

               Sweet little bag

 Shae’s bag.

 Shae is my little niece who is a real girly girl and is always eyeing off my ruffled bag. Now she has one of her own.

A visitor to our yard during the week...Mr Bobtail. 

There was a commotion up in the chook yard so I went to investigate. Yep...there was Mr Bobtail trying to get at our 3 baby chicks. Mother hen was fluffed up and going around in circles trying to peck him. It was a funny sight, Mother hen who usually tries to peck me if I come anywhere near her chicks was standing near my foot with me, trying to keep Mr Bobtail away. I caught him and took him down near the river where there are big rocks to bask in the sun on.

Commissioned – one peg apron for a friend. I loosely followed this pattern and made this very handy peg bag. It turned out pretty well I thought.

Well guys, I’m off to start on the washing, ironing and house work. Yeh I know, very boring. But it’s back to the grind stone of a normal working week so I best be in front than behind.
See you next weekend with more show and tell. Have a great week.

      R.I.P Ray Head
           A wonderful man has gone to heaven.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

My lovely week.

The world is the work of a single thought,
expressed in a thousand different ways.
-Madame de Stael, Corinne

Brandon and I have had a quiet week home together, while hubby and Cory have been away go karting. I have caught up with several things I have wanted to do but needed a stretch of uninterrupted time to do. Brandon and I have the same tastes for foods so teatime.......
Salad, mixed beans and chicken fillets....too yummy.
Yes, you all know there will be projects to show and tell. Here they are.....a couple of little crocheted poppies for me to wear on Remembrance Day. Sorry folks, no pattern for these I just made it up as I went along. There are patterns on the net if you want to knit or crochet some.

A visit to the local library was pretty awesome as I found this cute little book to knit interesting little critters from. Some of the patterns are for ferrets, axolotls, hamsters and canaries, as well as the traditional cats, dogs, horses. I had to make myself a goldfish for fun. Great for using up those little bits of yarn that you can’t possibly throw away.

I’m into covered coat hangers now, there are so many cute patterns out there and after seeing what people had made at the show....well....the sky is the limit with what you create.

I’m into covered coat hangers now, there are so many cute patterns out there and after seeing what people had made at the show....well....the sky is the limit with what you create.
For my coat hanger I used 8 ply and cast on 77sts with size 9mm needles. I found a pattern in my Readers Digest book called ‘trinity stitch’, which is much the same as blackberry stitch. If you want to try the stitch I have included it at the end of my blog.

I'm going to be prepared for next year's headband sales and made my first headband to tuck away. Love the pink and the crocheted flower is very sweet. Someone will love it.

Talking about having that uninterrupted block of time, this is where I managed to go for broke and complete the border of the baby blanket I had been knitting. Glad to have finally finished this. lol

 Yes, even time to get into the garden over these holidays. I have weeded heaps around the front yard but now need to take all the weeds around to the trailer. I couldn’t get into the garden today though, we have rain. This is a pic of a favourite little part in my garden. It makes me go all gooey and warm for some reason, don’t know why!! lol

My boys are travelling home today and they will be a welcomed sight. It’s nice to have some me time but enough already. Lovely to catch up with Suz and her tribe. Your felt creations are just super Suz and I know you will do well with your sales.

Wishing everyone out there a great week ahead and stay happy.
Cheers, Anita.

Trinity stitch
KPK = knit, purl, knit into one stitch
P3tog = purl 3 stitches together
Multiple of 7 stitches

Rows 1 & 3: purl
Row 2: * p 3 tog, KPK into next st*. repeat * to * across row, P 3 tog,
Row 4: *KPK into first st, P3 tog*, repeat * to * across row, KPK into last stitch.


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