Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tinketty tonk!

Sometimes a brief telephone conversation with a friend is all it takes to make you feel like you’ve been hugged.
What started out as a lovely morning has really gone to trash!!!! Lol....

We’re in for a storm says Mr. Weatherman and I do believe he is right. I’ve decided I will stay inside today and may even watch some tv.....while I do two of my favourite things.....knit and terrorize my hubby. What a perfect day. Lol
Let me share my week with you.....

I have finished knitting Mr. Squiggle for a lucky little one who lives in the eastern states of Australia. I have knitted Mr. Squiggle before and he turns out lovely every time.

Found a fantastic book at the local library. I have just tuned into friendship bracelets and there are some super designs in this book.
A friend has asked me to knit up these little toy monkeys for her. I love the pattern as it is very easy to follow but I’m not liking the yarn that was included in this package – bit coarse. The best thing about this project is I don’t have to stitch it up, my friend will.

Have to share a photo with you of my Geraldton wax in bloom. 

Very nice.
Little Miss Shae keeps eyeing my ruffled bag off......I wonder what I will make from this fabric? Hmmm?

This is a short post today, as I want to have some relaxing time and let my poor body rest. Our gym had an open day yesterday and people could come along and try out the different sessions they had to offer. I hadn’t done ‘pump’ before and wanted to try out War and Konga again. Oh.....I’m very sore! Lol
Beaming you all heaps of happiness and fun. Tinketty tonk!

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Show time is over for another year.

All the fun of the fair!!
Hello to you all.....the show is over for another year and jeepers it was fun. Though I was a bit annoyed at myself for not entering more work, I came out pretty competitive and won many sections. 1st, 2nd and third placings have made me happy. This is my stash...

This little mug rug will now be sold at the tourist centre after a 3rd placing. It is a sweet little gift for someone.
 Of course, my two coat hangers were just super fun to knit and you will be interested to know that these knitted coat hangers out did 2 coat hangers knitted with lace, bling and beads. I’m over the moon...bling doesn’t always win.
 I’m over the moon about my bootees winning 1st prize in the bootee section. Even though my bootees won the section, Miss Heather won 2 placings in this section....2nd and 3rd! She’s a clever monkey.
 Lol....the judge didn’t like my critter at all. Look at that face??? Oh....I see. Lol. She was entered in the recycled useful item section. I love her. She's made from an old hessian bag, the nose is stuffed with a golf ball, and the body stuffed with old cushion stuffing.
 The grandest item I made for the show.......
I am very pleased with this set, I loved knitting it, loved the yarn (2 ply merino & silk). This is the project that was on my knitting needles when it was sold already.
A show is not a show without chooks. My 3 distinct items drew a placing as well, 
I’ve run out of petrol I’m afraid......I think now after this weekend I need to rest. I had such a great weekend catching up with my Northam Ag. Society mates, pulling pranks on anyone of them and copping it back. A great bunch of hard working people that I consider my family, it was such a pleasure to share the weekend with you. It’s cuppa time now.
Ciao, Anita.



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