Sunday, June 17, 2012

Worms anyone?

Each changing season begins its

own blessings, purpose and beauty.

It’s sunny here today and we welcome the warmth, I decided to go outside in the garden and as I admired my lovely nasturtiums that are popping up I also noticed these wretched things having a feast. By the time you read this post they will already be in wormy heaven.
We enjoyed a night out last night, a friend of ours celebrated his 50th birthday. We are all growing older, however I see my birthdays as just numbers. I noticed several of our friends saying they still felt 18 years old in the head, and I feel the same way. It was nice to catch up with a few friends I hadn't seen since our high school days, and I certainly enjoyed that.
This week I found an interesting knitting pattern that I thought I would give a try. It is a cowl neck scarf and it is such an easy pattern and very stylish. As you can see, I have made 2 already and have the third one on the go.

My lovely neighbour Lorraine gave me these two cute prem baby beanies to donate to the hospital when I drop my lot off. Lorraine is another mad knitter and I just laugh when I visit her, she can usually be found in her

knitting corner, lamp on, knitting needles blazing away and a cup of tea. She usually finds me the same way when she visits.

My baby knitting and chemo caps have come to an end now and when I finish my cowl neck scarf I will make a late start on my show entries. I am annoyed at myself for the late start but a few other important things came up.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Country road drive with Brandon

Each changing season begins its

own blessings, purpose, and beauty.

Today, Brandon and I went for a drive around the country side, ticking up more hours toward his logbook. We only have a few more hours left to drive and then the final part of his driving test. We have the best conversations while we are driving around. Whilst travelling through the fair countryside, we came across this aging homestead called Glenfield Homestead. It must’ve been a grand beauty in her time and just admire that chimney. How many evenings around the warm fire place and who were the people who lived there, how many children were in that house?

Country roads, take me home...

I want to share with you some of the chemo caps I have made for precious Deb. The variegated pink cap is a slightly changed version of a pattern I found in ravelry. I added more cuff and in the middle of the cuff I added a row of eyelets to thread a cord through. The variegated orange in autumn colours is one I made up. The cuff just has a twist in it. I have made a blue and soft orange cap in bamboo and cotton, because the head can get very hot with a warm beanie on for all day wear.

I have shot off to the left field a bit here and have made a couple of buntings for the library. I intend to add more buntings to the library, so this is perhaps a new tangent for me to spin off!! If only I could put my knitting needles down for a second.

It looks like party time!!
The weather has turned a bit around our part of the world. These photo’s were taken at 5.10pm and incredibly dark for this time of the day. We are now in the winter season, so being this dark so early will become normal very soon. We did receive some much welcomed rain and good for our farmers. Most of the paddocks around here have been ploughed so roll on the rain and all the best for a good crop this year.

In Western Australia we are enjoying a long weekend. We are celebrating what was Foundation Day and now known as Western Australia Day. My weekend so far has been the usual chores, yard work and a lovely visit to my sister Rosa. The rest of the weekend will be spent doing some more sewing and bothering my husband, which is my favourite pass time. To those celebrating the long weekend, may you enjoy your long weekend. To everyone else, may you have a lovely weekend.

Cheers, Anita.


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