Sunday, April 19, 2015

Abundance is a cornfield ripe
For the picking.
As my holidays come to a close, I’m very happy with how much I was able to accomplish. Many small and interesting items for the market sales, orders dropped off to customers and loads of baby gear has been made. I’m pretty happy with all that.

This week was a knitting week (most unusual I know lol) and below are some of the finishes......

Baby bootees for Fiona

.....more cute little bootees....
 Love this slouch hat pattern. I have knitted it for a groovy friend of mine who requested a knitted hat.
The pattern is a free download from Ravelry. Click here for the link. 

Do you love the top of the hat? I reckon it looks pretty sweet. Love the gathering.

Another slouch hat knitted in some ripper coloured yarn and so, so soft.

Even had a request for a yoga bag from a customer, so there it is. I have had this material for a while and just love it, so it was nice to see it finally made into something cool.

I went to visit our local craft shop and stumbled across these two really sweet fat quarter fabrics. Had to have them!!.  This is a cute little girls bag I made to sell at the markets. The measurements are 5in x 7 in, with lovely little handles.
 I could imagine what Miss Shae would be thinking right now if she saw that bag. Lol

I love all the little nieces and nephews I surround myself with as they inspire me and are very honest. RyanJarrodShae and Jack.......luv ya heaps. xxx

Thanks for sharing part of your morning with me, and I hope your corner of the world is as happy as mine. Wishing you all a great week ahead and stay safe.
Cheers, Anita.
Viva Italia

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Friends are the
sunshine of life.
-John Hay.
Image result for small clip art
Hey groovy cats, how are you? I’ve had a week of finishes, creations and success! As you could’ve guessed by now I’m not that great when it comes to having to sew buttons on garments that I’ve made....not my most favourite thing in the world. Lol Success!

Finally the buttons are on the 2 pillow covers, packed up with blankets and dropped off! Finish!
Image result for small clip art
I had oodles of fun with this little creation......
Having so many little bits of yarn left over from previous projects and unable to just throw them out, I decided to make some little tiny crocheted bags, then I made the cute little doll......she had to have a blanket as well.There is no pattern for any of this, (except for the flowers) I just played as I went.
I have already sold one of these little parcels, they’re so cute.
            Image result for small clip art buttonsImage result for small clip art buttonsImage result for small clip art buttonsImage result for small clip art buttons
This is just a cute little blanket that is only about 4in x 5in, but will have a doll or something added to it. Anyone got any ideas that I could use? I'd love to hear from you.
These funny little things are bed socks. I have posted them before but have started making them again in time for market day. I’ve already sold a pair and they look cute on and fit well.
Sook sook has finally jumped in the pull-along-trolley....all by himself. Well done Milo.
I’m waiting hard for Heather to return from her holiday so I can pick on her!! Lol. No, really....I miss her cheek company. I wish you all a fantastic week and may peace be with you.

Cheers, Anita.      Image result for small clip art love hearts

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter and Buona Pasqua

Image result for clipart happy easter
Hey, did anyone check out the moon last night? Pretty groovy ! We had a total lunar eclipse (sun, earth and moon all in alignment) and Cory took this awesome shot last night.

What’s been going on around here?
Surprise, surprise!.........some knitting
I’ve gone coat hanger mad again!! Being prompted by the fact I simply can’t throw out worthwhile pieces of yarn, some cute little coat hanger covers are in the making. I’ve decided I will make girl and boy styles, so the second cover will have something ‘boy’ on it.

 A little pink baby cardigan knitted in 4 ply baby yarn and fits 0 -3 month. Loved knitting this.
 Had fun knitting this little beauty. I’ve used Big Baby paton yarn, 8 ply. Don’t you just love the way it’s knitted up? It always amazes me how the pattern just happens in front of your eyes.

The simple but effective pattern added to stocking stitch really pops out the colours.
......oh yes......I had some left over yarn......enough to make a baby beanie with a little knobbly bit on the top.
 Yes there was smoke firing off my knitting needles this week.....another little cardigan whipped up for a 4 year old girl. It must’ve been a week of using variegated colours for me. Actually, Heather the feather forced me to use this colour as it was from her stash.

 I’m missing that little wicked witch, she’s taken off on holidays. Hope you’re surviving Suez (and everyone around her, oh really I mean everyone in that state!!! Lol).

Well gals, to all of you who celebrate Easter out there, have a wonderful and Happy Easter. My school holidays have started also and I'm so getting into that sewing shed.The weather has cooled down, so it will be pleasant to sit in there.
Cheers, Anita.


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