Sunday, September 23, 2018

Welcome Spring!
Good morning beautiful people!! As I lay in bed this morning I could hear the orchestra of birds madly singing and calling out all over the neighbourhood. 
I realized it had been going on for well over an hour! I had slept with my bedroom window open for the first time this season and how wonderful the music was. By the time I collected myself, grabbed the camera to record, I am sure the birds had started to quieten down. Here is a short video of the music.....🎢🎡

Today I will be doing some sewing. I will be making something I have wanted a stretch of time to sit down and really get into. For a long time I have wanted to make a banner for our room at the Ag Society and recently I found a heap of bright yellow fabric that would be a good choice to make the lettering. I will show and tell when it is finished.
 These pretty ponchos are my latest almost be completed. πŸ˜„ I still need to add some pom poms or accessories to the ends of the ties. And I found an interesting idea to use the scraps of yarn that I cut off....
 I found on Pinterest a wonderful idea to safely help birds find equipment to make their nests. Tiny pieces of cut up yarn. They say to have it no longer than 3 inches but I cut them up into 1 inch lengths to be safe. I would hate the birds to choke or get stuck with the yarn. I will watch with anticipation to see how successful this is. If you look on Pinterest yourself you will find other ideas. I'm pretty sure I typed in 'make yarn holders for birds' and the ideas started coming.
 Here is my beautiful tea cosy that won first prize at this year's show. I found this idea on Pinterest as well, but I have to be honest...I did not buy the pattern I just made the flowers, balls, leaves out of my head! lol. I used the photo they had provided to place the pieces over the cosy.

Oh yes, Milo is guarding and inspecting the yard with me. He has been all sad because my husband is away for the long weekend and Milo misses him very much.

I wanted to share with you this door hanger, given to me by one of my friends. You can see how much they hold me in high regard....oh...and what they think of me. This should've really been for Heather the feather.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I'm sure I must've posted about this little bright top but I don't think the photo was that great when I did. So here it is....a bright. gorgeous spring time top for a girl aged about 5 - 6 years old. I loved making this top and I am getting really good at crocheting. I think it is a craft that will stay with me now.πŸ’›πŸ’›

Now....that's all from me, it's time to go and tackle the world, and the dishes, the washing and the sewing machine. I wish you a blessed day and may the sun be shining bright for you.

Ciao, Anita.


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