Sunday, March 18, 2018

Music is a world within itself,
with a language we all understand.
-Stevie Wonder.

Good morning my precious ones! This morning I am floating through, writing my blog to the beautiful music of IL Divo. Their songs are wonderful...and they're pretty easy on the eye as well. There you go, it only about five seconds before naughty seeps out of my soul. lol It's ok, I can't help it. lol

Since last week so many happy and wonderful things have happened for me, for my husband, for us all. Congratulations to my husband for his success in gaining a new job. It has been a hard road we have travelled in recent years. A brand new journey starts, one with all the promise of positivity and happiness.

A new morning starts.....

Something strange came over me on Friday......I 'felt' like sewing buttons on cardigans, sewing in ends and pricing things for the markets!!!! 🙄😊 I must all be shocked. Go and make yourselves a cuppa to kick start your heart again!! I shocked myself. Even to the point where I went down to the craft shop to match buttons to the clothing as well. The lady at the shop even said 'oh no, you're looking for buttons!'. She also knows how I am with this...she's heard me cry so often in the shop. lol💜💜

Meet my new little friend Clancy the cow. I was scrounging through my fabric stash and came across this groovy black and white print fabric. Just happens that a craft magazine with a pattern for a cow was nearby. When those things happen you need to take the opportunity and go with it.

 I am still to stitch on the mouth and add a few embellishments. I'm planning to add something to the feet and on his head.

That face!!!

Recently I crocheted an owl woolly hat to fit an adult, now I am making 2 smaller hats to fit  baby size as requested. These are simple woolly hat patterns with ear flaps and face parts added. I will finish these today.

Another cute woolly hat.

My gorgeous friend Chris kindly let me come out to her farm and use her over locker and such is the beautiful countryside...I have to share with you. Sitting peacefully within a farmer's paddock is this perfect little church that quietly overlooks the countryside. It stands alone, yet surrounded by the natural beauty of this country. A couple of trees, an old piece of farm machinery and of course......
 The outside toilet. Distanced from the church for peace and quiet while you do your business.

To my Italian ladies, I introduce you to the local I know it. lol Not the same vintage as the Pantheon 🏛.....but beautiful and historical. I know you appreciate and love to see beauty from around the world.💚

Milo celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday in style.

....a drink.....

fashionable in green

If I don't look at the camera, she won't see me with her ball of wool.

He's sure he's seen a leprechaun!

My friends, I have tried hard to act normal but I don't think it's ever really going to work for me. Today I await the return of my husband and son from their go kart trip many miles away. I now need to visit the shops for necessities and then return to do a little house work. 

A beautiful Sunday to you all.

Ciao, Anita.

La vita e bella



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