Sunday, April 21, 2019

Buona Pasqua
Happy Easter

Hello my friends 🌹 I love Easter! For me, it is a celebration on many levels. Firstly I celebrate the important meaning of Easter, the fun things of Easter, the holidays and sharing time with my family. I send Easter wishes to my friends in Italy...Buona Pasqua.   😊

I have been missing from blog land for a while, but due to matters of the family, this sometimes happen. I can say that my crochet, gardening and friends have been a great support in keeping it all together. Easter brings inspiration to my creativity and thoughts, that help me plan my next little craft project. I do have a few orders to make in the next week or two, so I look forward to playing with colour in what I make. Stay tuned.

I will show you all what I have been up to lately in the way of staying out of trouble....making things.😂😂😂

Here goes....

Someone had given me this interesting yarn that changed tones as my layers of crochet grew.  I have to tell you....I'm pretty happy with how it came out!! This poncho will fit a 6 year old child and these have been very popular at the markets. The pink circles used for the ties are cute too.

A friend of mine has given me quite a substantial amount of yarn, so you know I have to make everything all at once!!!!😅😅😅 (puts a damper on the fact I'm supposed to also do some housework at some stage). There are enough of these little squares on make a gorgeous cushion. The soft variegated colours go well for a small child or baby. 
I am known for my patience but waiting to you show you all this cushion is impossible for me. While looking on Pinterest....for hours 🙊...I came across this beautiful pattern. It is called Blooming flower cushion. The front of the cushion is now complete and the back will be just a plain treble st (UK) double crochet (American) but in lots of colours. If you would like to make this cushion, it is a free pattern, here is the link. Click here. I will show you the finished cushion and take a better photo of it for you. 
Have you heard of a thing called Fidget Mats? It has become a recent idea for children to use as a tool to use in classroom to help calm them as they work and also for people with dementia. It has other uses, just as a stress relief it can be used. There are so many designs out there and you can have fun to make your own designs, as I have. The different textures in wood, plastic, fabric, stitching, all make for interesting feel on the fingers. 
Our baby boots have almost been sold out at the markets so Heather the feather and I are both making more already. It isn't even winter yet and there has been a big rush on them. I found this easy pattern on Pinterest but I have to say, I do prefer the boots with the bigger cuffs. They stay on the feet better.
My ray of sunshine. I mentioned before that a friend had given me a large amount of yarn. The yarn had been cut into lengths and rolled into big balls. The job has been to take the balls apart and separate the colours. I don't mind, it has been fun to discover what colour will come next as I unroll the balls. 

Well my pretty ones, there is a bit of sunshine outside and I hear the faint calls coming from the sewing shed outside...."Come in here, come in here".

A good Sunday to you. 💜

 Ciao, Anita.



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