Saturday, August 27, 2016

Prayers to Italy
Hello to you all. I was sad to learn of the devastating earthquake that hit Italy on the 24th August. Many lives lost, many injured and a tremendous amount of damage to homes and buildings.
 To my Italian blogger friends I send my love, thoughts and prayers. I am thinking of you all everyday.

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I have knitted this cute little baby cardigan for a friend and all I need to do is sew the buttons on, add the cord to the booties that go with it, and I'm finished. The colour is a new craze that all the mum's seem to be after these days and I'm loving it myself now. 

 How do you like the sweet pattern? It is simply yarn forward, knit two together. Amazing how such a simple combination of stitches can make a pretty pattern. .
 Here too on the booties is this great stitch. 
 Now....I'm going to be all sneaky about the next few projects.....
all I can do is give you some sneak peaks. I'm a bit partial to lace patterns when knitting but I will have a go at any pattern. 

  Can't tell you what this is either. lol. 
 I took a little stroll around the front garden today. I'm just itching for the warmer weather (not the boiling hot weather!!!) so I can continue to clean and weed the garden. I do have to say, after all those snakes coming in to our garden last year, I am nervous about having too much of the branches touching the ground and not being able to see beyond them. Much has been cut back so there is a good clear view of what is on the ground. 
 This big plant is a favourite of mine, though its name has escaped me right now. 

 This white wooden arch is going to look lovely with a climbing plant growing over it. The only trouble is I have lost two climbers now and I'm thinking I need to change the pot that I'm planting them in. Maybe drainage is the problem for the plants. I will try again anyway. I will be visiting Anne and Harry at the markets next weekend to see what they have for me in the way of plants.

Well my friends, tonight I will continue to do my knitting by the fire place. My big old stallion (husband) is at go karts with my youngest son Cory, Brandon and I are just chilling at home and outside the weather is cold and lousy.
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It looks like tonight I will have an early night. You see, last night I attended an Ag. Society meeting and didn't get home until 1am!!! I had such a super night with those ratbags, with the never ending teasing and laughter, it's hard to rip yourself away from them. Oh and need to sit on your chair properly!! lol 
Mirror, mirror on the've turned into your father after all!! Just love my nights with you guys, you're awesome.
Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life is:

trusting and taking chances,

losing and finding happiness,

appreciating the memories and

learning from the past.

How very quick this week flew by!! I can't believe we are already half way through this school term.This week was all about dolls! I have been commissioned to make clothes for a doll and I have the doll for the weekend. So I can show you what she looks like and some of the clothes I have been busy making her. 

              Come with me for a show and tell adventure....
I thought perhaps a few sets of clothing might be fun and act as a guide as to what to make. I had fun with a mix and knitting and crochet for this white set. 
 I'm not sure what happened to the camera but I was trying to show you the cute pink teddy button. White is a colour that makes me want to burst out laughing. Am I crazy? No....there is a joke at gym that if I am wearing white socks that I will be a good girl that morning. If I am wearing black socks, I will be naughty. I always usually wear the black. lol 

 A little pink crocheted number. I love this one and considering crocheting is not a strong point with me, it shows what you can do if you stick with things. 
 The bright yarn was a favourite of mine to knit with. I had enough to make several things for dolly. 
 So pretty!

I notice the sun is rising a little earlier and going down a bit later each day now...I am eager for the warm weather to start. One of the many reasons I have to enjoy the warm weather is that I can get my garden in order. My garden has little tell tales signs that it is waiting for the warmth as well. Tiny flowers are starting to pop up all over the yard.

Some of you have been asking about what Milo has been up to, so I will show you what he is doing today. 
Today Milo is a mountain his mind anyway. While I filled the wheelbarrow full of wood, Milo decided to be a big hero and walk along the wood heap. I let him enjoy himself on the wood heap for now because he won't be going there when the weather starts to warm up. Why? Snakes. The wood heap is a perfect place to meet one of these horrid things in the summer time. 

 Me tarzan!!

 I'm a big warrior dog! 

Oh that's how the flowers are getting flattened....I see. 

My tax return money was spent for the garden this year.... 2 trellis stands, that will be painted white (a project that hubby doesn't know he's doing yet....oops!) lol 

I already know what giving up feels like, I want to see what happens if I don’t.
 One fantastic large pot for my Italian backyard. 

 The grandest buy of all...this fabulous arch that will lead us into the dream area that will be covered with bougainvillea. Also purchased were three sections of lattice work that is pictured with Milo in a previous photo.

As I end my post today I always like to thank the lovely people I surround myself with. All of you have a special place in my heart and you are good for my soul. Everyday as I sit at my work desk my mind is always wondering back to my friends and I am amazed at how much time I spend doing this. I know it is because so many people in my life are blessings to me.
Luv you all heaps and I think of you all the time my friends.
Addio ai miei amici = Goodbye my friends!
See you next time, Anita.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Namiste Karen

Sometimes I pretend to be normal....
but it gets boring, so I go back to
being me.

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Namiste Karen xx
On Thursday night I attended my last Body Balance night at the gym. Unfortunately the class will no longer be running and after years of going, it was a bit sad to see it come to an end. I take this opportunity to say 'thank you' to Karen, our darling instructor (the shortest in the photo). Karen is a little power house of a woman who never minded as she stretched our bodies passed points we thought we possibly could. 

You are a beautiful soul Karen and I will remember that 'breath is our constant companion'. 
 This week I was commissioned to make doll clothes for a little girl and it kept me well and truly busy. I do not have the doll to show you but she is a Cabbage patch kid and is smaller than the usual sized Cabbage patch dolls that were around in our era. They are about a head shorter than the normal sized dolls. Here I have made a little dress with a ribbon tie and butterfly button. 

                                   On the back the bow tie. 
 Little purple pants..... I've just realized that the ribbon on the pants also has a butterfly pattern on it. 
 A pretty skirt.... 
 A cute summer dress with ribbon ties on the shoulders. 

 Oh yes...there is the knitting happening too. This is not knitting for the doll but for a baby boy. I will show you this project when I have finished it. 
 Out in the garden, tucked away in the 'hot house' I am happily watching my tomatoes growing. Pretty awesome that they're growing in the winter.
I am going to leave you here as shortly I will be going for a drive with hubby to our nearest Bunnings store ( almost an hour away). I am hoping to find a lovely garden arch for the back yard. A chilly morning it is, but I'm thinking it's a nice day for a drive....probably unfortunate for my hubby...he will be stuck in the car with me all that time. lol What tricks will I play on him today? I have almost a whole hour in  the car to torture him. lol.

Have a beautiful day my friends. Shift any problems aside and make today all about you.
Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Marriage lets you annoy one special 
person for the rest of your life.
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Good morning friends, I have been a ratbag this week and have been in a teasing and menacing mood. As the little phrase above indicates...I have tormented my hubby endlessly....I'm pretty sure he likes it. lol. Everyone I came across copped some sort of mischief and tricks, especially my gym mates. I loaded up weights so the next person had uneven weights. It was fun. I'm naughty. 

 I will try to be different this week. One of our instructors will be returning on Monday morning after recovering from a surgery. Welcome back Hetty! We've all missed you and I think of you everyday, hoping you have had a good recovery.

My week of making things has been awesome too. I'll take you for a walk through......

 I had been wanting to make a plastic bag holder for the Ag. Society and I managed to get some spare time to sew one up. There was a little leftover fabric that caught my eye and it is nice and colourful in tones of pink and mauve.
I made it nice and long and here it is hanging in the tree, though it is not the best photo I have taken!! lol 

One cute teacosy made for a lady who was desperate to keep her teapot warm. Knitted in 8 ply chocolate and cream colours. The pattern was found on Ravelry. 

Now just to prove that I can and do sew buttons on garments (Even though I buck and snort while doing it!). The 12 little cardigans made for Mel. I am very pleased with how they turned out.
 I made the boy cardigans without the lace pattern and picot edge and they look cute

Our town hosts the Avon Descent every year and this weekend people came from all over the world to enter. On Friday night of the Avon Descent there are always fireworks. We didn't have to go any further than the front verandah to enjoy them. 
I thought I would show you how the rock path is going. I will be naming this path "Dusty Road", after young Dusty who is finding these perfect rocks. Kids are so sweet

Yesterday was market day for Heather and I, the rain held off for us in the morning and then poured down about an hour after we got home. How lucky were we? I purchased some plants from Anne and Harry and will be planting them today. Thanks for the plants guys!!! U 2 R awesome!! Love ya heaps.
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While I was at the markets my dear husband got all the clothes washing done. Thanks for doing that Pix, it's such a big help....I'm still glad I turned your hair grey!!!! lol

Well friends, I wish you all a super fabulous week ahead. May your week be filled with happiness and good health.
Ciao, Anita.

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