Sunday, March 27, 2016

Buona Pasqua - Happy Easter.

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Good morning lovlies!
What a glorious day! There are many special days in the year and this is one of my favourites. I’m remembering when my boys were very young and their excitement that the Easter Bunny was coming was something they found hard to contain. 

Their excitement, their thoughts and their reactions have made such wonderful memories for me. 

They both may be older but Easter is still a beautiful fun time for us. While I’m in spreading love to you all and I’m basking in the Easter joy...let me share with you my creations this week. It's all started off by a pair of rabbit ears.


 This crocheted hat is a basic pattern I found somewhere on the net and I just jagged the ears. I’m sure you could find an easy pattern for ears on the net.

 Image result for clipart happy easter in italian

Below is a rather cute pink crocheted beanie from the same pattern but without the ears and a sweet flower added instead. This little beauty is going to the markets.

Oops! Hey here it is again, only this time the beanie has turned into a bear. I’m trying to actually send you guys 2 messages here. One.....see how one pattern can turn into so many different creations and we can all do it. 

Secondly, I’m really trying to highlight the fact that I can do other things than just knit.

Hey! Does anyone want the pattern for the beanie? Click here.

One thing us Aussies love is rain. Throughout most years we don’t see a whole lot of rain (as a rule), so when the first rains come, we get pretty excited.

Many of us in the agricultural areas are thankful that our rain water tanks will fill with fresh water, our farmer’s paddocks will get nice steady rain to soften the earth and our gardens will get a good soak.

This afternoon I cast on 55 sts to my knitting needles and I’ve been knitting like a wild beaver. Why? Oh I don’t know, I’m just a crazed lunatic when it comes to knitting. My other excuse can be that it’s raining and wet outside so what nicer way to enjoy your time inside. 

Hubby is already frightened to death that I might like the fire lit. I’m delighted in the knowledge that I can still terrify that bloke. lol

I really enjoyed this week. Some of the wonderful things that happened were: 
scoring Easter break 1 week before we break up for end of term 1 ;
making extra cash to help the household ;  
watching Gino De Campo’s Italian cooking show (the food looks yummy and so does he!! Lol He’s Italian what more can I say...of course he’s gorgeous)
having my old stallion return home after being away for 
Emma has joined us for Easter ;  
finally mastering a yoga move that has always eluded my ability ;  
being alive ;  
having a super week at work.
Well I’m off to continue my knitting and glance at the tv for what’s left of this night. May you all have the best Easter with family and friends.

Ciao, Anita
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