Sunday, August 27, 2017

One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.
Good morning girls/ragazze! I have woken up to a beautiful winter morning, a whisper of wind, a collection of puffy white/grey clouds in the sky and a little cool. I am happy with this weather because before long I know we will enter the harsh Australian summer. I enjoy while I can….and also the fire is going. Lol

The last couple of weeks I have enjoyed my time off work but sadly in this time our Italian girls at school have left us to teach in the city. I know it is something they are very excited about, so this is a good thing for them. There will be much to see. Farewell lovely Chiara and Ottavia. Happy travels.💖

I notice my camera is still not working properly….my hair looks grey and there are lines on my face. These girls are beautiful, inside and outside xx

I had a win this week, picking up a table that was a murky cream colour but thanks to my clever husband…it is now a pretty white. I love looking at it in the morning, it gives me a warm feeling.

This week I have been happily sewing away making cute little toys and things. It is nice not to rush and just take it easy. My sewing machine has made its way back into the house because it’s way too cold to sit out in the sewing shed. I had fun making this cute little koala. The pattern is in one of my Homespun magazines. I added the bow.

 I thought adding some running stitch around the edges would give the bow a pretty look. I went on to add stitching to the clothing as well.

These little cuties are an order for a customer of mine and what a great idea to have ponchos for little dolls. The doll is 18 inches high, so the ponchos were a good size. I rather like them.

 Another favourite piece of work done this week has been these knitted headbands done in aboriginal colours. These have been sold already, so they've gone to a good home.

Now….the phrase I have chosen for my post today is to remind me to be calm and not worry. Our annual show is fast approaching and I have been in a compromising position. My time is split between making money by making specific requests for customers or making items for the show. It has been a worry for me as I want to make sure I have things to enter into the show because it is important to display what my community can produce. I also need to be making money in order to pay things. Both reasons are important but I have had to sway to the side of making money.

I tried very hard to get things made for the show and I have got a small collection. One annoyance was this beautiful 2 ply knitted jacket.
There was no 2 ply cream yarn available in town so I had to 'frog' some yarn. I don't know if you've heard of that crazy term used these days. It's just undoing yarn from a previous garment and rolling it up and using it again for something else. Well it didn't quite work out and you can notice the stitching on my new project isn't sitting well. So instead of biting my arm off or throwing a tantrum.....I am just putting the cute, adorable, soft half made jacket aside and not worrying about it. lol.....I will not cry.

 Today I plan to do some weeding, drink some lovely coffee and to knit or crochet something that I want to knit or crochet. Some days it is best to just push things aside that are worrying you, leave the stress alone and please yourself. There is always tomorrow to tackle the problem again and you may see it in a different light. That's what I'm going to do anyway.
Have a wonderful day my friends!
Ciao, Anita.
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