Sunday, May 29, 2016


The most beautiful line is
“But, I love you”
The most painful line is
“I love you, but”. ..........................................
Good morning my beautiful friends....I have missed you. The last couple of weeks we have been without the internet and I must say I survived fairly well, only missing the fact I could not blog or email and leave comments on your lovely blogs. But all is good now.

I had been commissioned to make a baby set for a dear friend of mine, a blanket, booties and beanie. A beautiful baby girl is on the way so pink and white yarn was put to the works. I could knit or crochet the items, so I thought I would do a bit of both.
Crochet the blanket........

Knit the booties and beanie
And I couldn’t help but throw in a cute little headband as well.

I rather adore the contrast of the cord in pink against the white. I have enjoyed making this set.

 Lovely Lizzie, I hope you are pleased with this as much as I had the pleasure to make it for you.

Heather and I have the markets on next weekend, so here are a few more beanies to add to the collection.

We are having heaps of fun at the markets and for anyone thinking about having a stall of their own, I would recommend doing it. We have met many lovely people who are stall owners and it also gives you the opportunity to met up with old friends to chat with.  

 Image result for clip art stalls
I also can’t wait to go and visit Anne and Harry from Our Patch plant stall. They have helped inspire me to get into the garden again and I will be buying more plants from them this coming weekend. I probably didn’t mention that to my husband. lol 

 Image result for clip art plants
I rescued these animals from being given away. They are beautiful and soft, all they needed was a wash. 
I noticed there were some teddies and they will do nicely as a Best dressed teddy for the show in September.

I have a funny story for you about this magazine below. My dearest darling Heather was ‘showing off’ (as usual!!!!) lol about getting her little hands on this magazine, tempting me with all the glorious patterns inside....basically tormenting me and showing off that she had this magazine and I didn’t. 

Being the innocent, kind, patient friend with the halo that I am, I just nodded and said how lucky she was. The next Monday at work I found a note and the same magazine from another friend of mine on my library desk. That will teach you to be a show off Heather. lol

Oh’s so good to be back. Lol. Well I have a terrific week ahead of me I’m sure. I don’t know all that awaits me but my plans are to enjoy myself. I had heaps of fun stirring up the kids at school last week and them bantering back at me, so I’m looking forward to another week of that. Hello to Dusty and Edge, they are two great little farm boys that are so funny.

I will be visiting my favourite blogs later on today and I can’t wait until Verbena returns from her holiday with some beautiful photographs for me to see. I hope you’re having a wonderful time my friend.

See you next time,
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