Sunday, January 31, 2016

Good friends are like stars,
you don’t always see them but

you know they’re always there.
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Good morning groovers and shakers of blog land!! How you all going? I love Sunday mornings, it’s just one of those take it easy days.

 I eased into my first day back at work, having to only work half a day. Now you would think that’s pretty cool and steady going hey? Well the day turned into a bit of a nightmare. In dot point.....
Banger sinus headache
Weather stinking hot
Come home, take tablets, lay down for 3 minutes
Dog barks, we all go out to investigate......
Another rotten snake in the yard....she’s a big one!!!
We  have to jump into the pool with all our clothes on
Go down town to buy a ball
Have to phone police.....a guy buzzed out on drugs is terrorizing the street
That night I dream of snakes and fall out of bed
Day done
Now back to happy Sunday. Lol
Happy stuff.....
My cute knitted hot water bottle cover (no buttons yet)
 Some beautiful hot pink cotton that I made two sweet baby cardigans out of, This first pattern is from the magazine Knitting and Crochet treasure. No. 1. It had a lacy pattern on it that I wasn't really fussed on so I made it plain.

 A darling cross over short sleeved cardi

 Spoils of war....
some beautiful gifts from Heather the feather. lol
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 Great find at the local library

 Another great find........pieces of a ufo....a cardigan that I had to stop knitting to start on my market items last year. I’m so back into it now. I finished the two fronts and I’m half way up the two sleeves. All I have to do now is find the back!! lol

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 Nothing like a good stroll through the garden after it’s rained. Yes people.....we had rain!!! Yeh har!!!!!

Well I have a pile of ironing that I simply cannot escape, no fairies have come and done it for me while I did this post...which is a pain in the neck, I kinda hoped they would do it for me. Lol

Have an absolute ripper of a week, be truly happy you have this wonderful day to use how you want, and think of a positive word about yourself. Crazy is popping into my mind.
Ciao Bella!!!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Open your eyes and see those things
Which are around us at this hour.
-Richard Jeffereies, The Life of the Fields.

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Oh wow! I thought I wasn’t gonna make it to blogland today!! We’ve spent the day pulling down the chook house and dipping in and out the house for cool breaks and drinks. It was very hot here today and at 5.30pm, it has cooled down to 37C!!!

I also managed to sew a colourful ruffle bag today too. How did I manage that then?

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Such happy colours!!!

 These are some of the lovely fabrics Heather the feather gave me for my birthday. She spoils me. I’m thinking it will be turned into a bag for me.                                                                         Image result for clipart wisteria  
A little birdie told me that one of my friends has been keeping in shape by bouncing on a trampoline! I believe she has been very successful too!! Good on you “A”!!!! Well done. Anyone out there have an interesting way they keep fit? I’d love to hear from you. I have to force myself to the gym or I don’t do anything.

Well, this was a quick old post today but I need to try and catch up with other stuff now, so I'd better fly. Hugs to Laura from Italy. I'll catch you gals another time.
Ciao, Anita.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

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Hey....Good morning gals!
Tick, tick, holidays are fast running out, and boy, am I struggling with that. 

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Though I will pick out all the good bits about my holidays. I've had
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.....had sleep ins, made heaps of great stuff, caught up with friends, gone swimming, kept up with going to gym, emailing to my blogging friends. Oh I could keep going on here. 

How about I show you some of the groovy stuff I've made. I've had a blast. 
A cute little ruffle bag for the markets, just loving the out there colours. This little bag is  big enough to carry your purse, phone and keys. I use it when I'm meeting up with friends for morning tea. Just right.

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Little girls dress with crocheted yoke. Visit Pinterest for some crocheted yoke ideas.

Come all knew there'd be some knitting somewhere in my new post. 
                                                                                      Image result for clip art lol

Tizzy knee warmers for the little gals for winter topped off with big buttons for some extra zing.

                 Oh yes and some more on the go....

    Donated yarn that has been turned into a great little baby cardigan. I adore the turned collar and it was pretty easy to do. 

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Pink and darling prints always are an eye catcher, so I'm hoping the two laundry bags I have made will sell at the market. Surely some little girl will love these.

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The size is about 29" x 24" and double stitched for extra strength.

                  Image result for clipart border lines

Couldn't help but make another mug rug. I have made a couple of these now, they will be off to the tourist centre.

 A cup of memories

There are heaps of super patterns for mug rug across the net, so if you want to give them a go....the world is your oyster for designs.
Well my little petals, I'm out of here. 

Everyone still has their eyes shut around here so I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. Just me and my head. lol
Have a beautiful day!
Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Don't worry
Be happy
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I'm thinking our summer and Mother Nature is joining forces in our parts and giving us a hard time!!! We had a weird summer thunderstorm here yesterday that left us without power for around 3 and a half hours. I checked on Heather across the other side of town and she was ok. That little moo cow had her power back on after only a short time. Moooooo!

We were getting a bit concerned about all the food in the fridge and freezer, our temperature was about 39C. But you know what? Keep is all good now.

Last time I blogged, I told you about the whopping big snake we had....well, sadly we came to the conclusion that one reason we were getting bigger snakes coming in was because of all of our chickens. So with a heavy heart we found them all a new home out on a farm. 
Thanks to Jim, Lisa and the kids for taking our chooks and Chester. I had to text Lisa a few hours later to see how they were and she kindly sent me a couple of pics.

On a happier note I have finally finished my beaded dolls. These little girls are off to the Tourist Centre to be sold. I really dig the fabrics I purchased, so bright and happy.

 \                                    Other items off to market are: 

                   Cute little covered coat hangers

                            Knitted cotton hats
                  Knitted headbands for newborns
                  Knitted hot water bottle covers
This little cotton cutie is still on the go. It is a free pattern here. I have knitted it using a cotton yarn, but I believe the pattern is for an 8 ply yarn. It is a knitted from the top down pattern, and that suits me just fine because there is not much in the way of stitching up.

Today's plan of attack is to get some sewing done before it gets too hot. I am going to make some more ruffle bags to sell and one is already sold even before I've made it. lol
I'm also going to do some silent prayers for our Aussie friends down south in Western Australia at Yarloop. They've suffered a devastating fire that has wiped the town out and the fire is still on the go. In fact, across Australia the bushfires are burning away. 

Regards,  Anita.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016!!!
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Another new year has rolled in to offer us new challenges, projects, memories and fun. Let's see how that pans out for us all! I'm hoping for a fantastic year of creating, learning and whatever else comes my way.

What better way to start the year than with some of my hilarious work mates. 
 These gals are gems, love them heaps.

My aim for the holidays was to get a good start on winter stock for the markets and I've stuck to my guns here. Come and have a squiz at what I've been up to.....
A cute sweater for a 2 year old, knitted in 8 ply yarn, using size 8 needles.

 A close up for you to see the simple pattern.

 This cute little newborn cardigan knitted also in an 8 ply yarn.
  I had some leftover yellow cotton so I thought I would knit up a little face washer and crochet a delicate edge around it. 
 Had enough left over to crochet a small flower to add to the collection.

 A couple of sweet baby hats. 

 More proof that I'm also sticking to the promise I publicly declared about doing other crafts than just knitting!!! LOL A crocheted yoke to go with some fabric. I will show and tell this when I have finished the project.
 Some of my favourites....beaded dolls in the making. 
 Ah and of course....knitted baby bootees. You knew that was coming hey? 
 Love the groovy fabrics? I'm hoping to turn this stash into ruffle bags. Give me some cool days so I can bash my sewing machine to bits, and churn these beauties out.

 Oh my!! Where did this yarn stash come from??? lol I have to own up, Cory and I went to Midland and stopped in at Spotlight. There was a great sale on, so we had to buy. lol 
 Now, I've decided to try to redo the backyard and put out some potted plants. Wish me luck with this as I'm not sure how successful I'm going to be.

  I don't sound confident you say?
 One guess why.........

 I've left the ickiest story for last....On Tuesday I was standing on the other side of this tin gate, about 6 inches away. On this side of the gate, is a very big snake coming towards me. 
This same gate is where Milo always stands up on if I'm down the chook yard. 

If I yell out for help, Milo will run to the gate.
If Milo sees the snake he will run to the gate.
Milo is now coming towards the gate because he sees me. What do I do? I throw the egg I have just collected from the chook house and Milo chases it. 
I hitch the fence and grab Milo.
I don't know where the snake is now, I've lost sight of it. Is it still in our yard under the wood heap? I don't know....and I still don't know.
My Aussie bloggers...please be aware of snakes, they're out.Image result for clip art snake

On that freaky note, I'm out of here. I have and feed the chooks. lol
Ciao, Anita.


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