Thursday, July 25, 2013

1 Xmas Item a month


Hope melts the frost from the tiniest leaf, allowing it to grow stronger in the heating light of the sun.
Hello to you all. I have had fun making my item for 1 Xmas item a month with the gals in the group, and this month I found this cute pattern for a Christmas star.
So cute

I added beads to felt and then stitched it onto some rather cute Christmas material that I had been saving. The star is about 5 inches across and will be a nice addition to my Christmas collection.

Click here to see what the other gals have made, don’t miss it, they have the most wonderful creations.

I must get ready for work now and hope you all have a perfectly wonderful day.

Cheers, Anita.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Night Sew in


Friday Night Sew In

Hello to you all! I have joined in with the gals from all over blog land to enjoy a Friday Night Sew in. I decided to do some catch up with some stitching and managed to complete this cute cushion done in purple tones.
I found this stitchery pattern ages ago and hadn’t got around to starting I have and I’m very happy with the result.
I also had enough time to finish painting the shoes on my cloth doll. I really enjoyed stitching this girl and her shoes are rather fun!! Love her hair too. Looks like mine in the morning.
She’s so cute
This is the great magazine I got the pattern out of.
Beaut magazine!!

A little bit of fun was had here. What do you make out of old beer cans?  A hat, that’s what! I am entering it into the show as a novelty entry. The most difficult part was crocheting through the drilled holes in the cans, after that it was all smooth sailing.

I’m off to buzz around and see what everyone else got up to for Friday Night Sew in. Why not come with me? Just click here to join me. You will have to scroll down a bit to see the list of gals who have joined in. Do visit, you will get some great ideas and inspiration of your own to try some different crafts.

                    Cheers, Anita.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Patchwork across the universe

Hello, I am on holidays for two weeks and have decided to use my time wisely. My first project was to make a backdrop for this years Children’s Book week and the theme is “Read across the universe”. 
 Made with love
What better way to use up those scraps of material that I can’t possibly throw away? I have used strips of blue tones and thrown in a few other colours to make the universe and then I will add paper stars, planets, comets etc when the backdrop is pinned up. What do you think?

I am on my second backdrop right now and hope to get that finished some time today. Yes, another day in the sewing shed. In the meantime, I have been hammering away at my knitting....

A cute set consisting of a jacket, bonnet and bootees...

Baby knitting
A fab little blue pair of bootees...

Cute bootees
Just for something different, the start of a Christmas tree. See the little beads?
And for a big project.....a knitted baby ply!!

 I love knitting in 2 ply, the results are fantastic. The pattern is out of an old, old book. When I was given the book it didn’t even have the front cover anymore, but the instructions were all there. I have cast on 313 sts and will be making a good start on it while I sit selling raffles tickets for 2 days. Should get good progress made on this little beauty. Oh yes, did I mention there were babies on the way again? Just gives me another excuse to keep knitting. Lol.
Well, I’m outta here to keep sewing my backdrops and doing fun stuff all day. Beaming you guys lots of happiness today and always.

Cheers,  Anita

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Night with Friends.

Friday Night with Friends
A warm hello to you all. Tonight I wanted to use my craft time wisely so I decided to plan a good game of catch up. Last time I posted, I was struggling with my UFO’s that had appeared out of nowhere!!Finished my  doll I was working on during my 'Muddled Up' time. She now has a face, shoes and hair on her head. 
 I went to the library today and found a fantastic book and made this.....
Tilda doll

The pattern is a Tone Finnanger design and the book is called Tilda’s winter ideas. A great book for other interesting ideas too. She is only a small gal, all of about 6 inches high, but very sweet.
I also finished stitching up a knitted dog coat for Max, who is going on 13 years old this year and winter is really rough on him. His kennel has a big cushion, blankets and carpet, but he was still feeling the cold. Now with his coat, he should feel extra warm. It was a free pattern from the net, click here if you would like to make one. It is for an 8ply yarn but I used chunky and it fits him just right.
Max’s knitted coat
Another couple of excellent finds at the library, these two knitting books. Very lovely patterns indeed.
Fantastic books
 Our library is pretty well stocked with quilting and knitting books, we are lucky. What’s happening at your house for Friday Night with Friends? I can’t wait to visit the other gals, to see what they’ve made. We are a group of crazy crafters all getting together in our own homes and take comfort in knowing we are all doing the same thing on the same night. Why not come with me and check out everyone here!
Cheers, .Anita.



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