Friday, January 24, 2014

1 Xmas Item a month

If I had a flower for
every time I thought
of you, I could walk
in my garden forever.
-Alfred Tennyson

Greetings to you all, my friendly blogger mates. I am so happy to have made it to get in on time to do 1 Xmas Item a month! Very happy indeed. I was lagging a bit last year, so I plan to get cracking with my Christmas projects this year. For my first Christmas item I made a cheeky little elf tree decoration. I stitched on his cute little mischief face (reminds me so much of Heather...oops!). Found some leftover material, Christmas string and a lovely bell. Check out blog for the gals who have also joined in on the fun.

On to a bit of creepy stuff......last Sunday it was terribly hot in my part of the world so my plan was to hose down the chooks and dog every hour. Later in the day I thought though it was very hot I wondered if the chooks had laid any eggs. I went down to the chook pen, and bless their hearts they had laid three eggs. While I was there I wondered if the chooks had gone to a new section of chook pen I had made for them. Got the fright of my life!! This is what I saw......
Both tangled up with each other, the bigger one strangling the smaller one.
They were found just behind the bushes to the left of the screen. Now, what do you think? Did they both have a big snake fight outside our yard and the bigger one dragged the smaller one in to start eating him under the nice cool bushes....or had one slithered in already and was having a happy time under the bushes and the other one also slithered in to our yard????Hmmmm.
I know very creepy, but you will probably think I’m mad when I share this with you. My first reaction was ‘I better get the camera and take a photo of the snakes in case they bite one of the kids (who were inside and unaware) and I will be able to show the hospital what type of snakes they were?????What!!!! I ran down to the house with the dog under my arms and grabbed the camera, told hubby we had snakes, and ran off to the chook pen. Why would I do that? We do some strange things when we get a fright.
Here are some creepy pictures.

Here is my big brave tiger laying out the snakes (who are now in snake heaven).

The big one is a tiger snake, not nice to get bitten by one of these and this one was 5 foot long and icky!! The smaller snake is a dugite and though it is small it packs a nasty punch and is lethal. I had been bitten by a snake myself many years ago and though that snake was only about 12 inches long I was very sick. So you can imagine my love of snakes....not.
I hope I haven’t made you all sick now!!! We walked around inside the house for the rest of the day being very suspicious of everything on the floor, in baskets, behind furniture...of everything really!! Lol You Aussie bloggers do be a little careful when you’re outside especially in this heat we’re having. If you’re out in the garden and you hear some rustling in the bushes, just drop what you’re doing and run like a mad man....who cares what anyone thinks!! Lol

I’m sssslithering off to visit the other gals who are doing 1 Xmas Item a Month now, can't wait to see their creations!!!
Have the best day ever!!!!

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saying goodbye doesn't have to be sad.

The difference between
stumbling blocks and
stepping stones
is how I use them.

Well, a glorious good morning to everyone and how are you all? I had a super sleep in this morning and my batteries are fully charged. My holidays are coming to an end, so I am trying to cram in as much craft work now as I can. These holidays have been pretty amazing in many ways. I’ve had a few surprises that have made me feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride. From the fantastic news of my niece Lisa, having a baby boy, to the news of a super cool young friend of mine getting a transfer with her work.  I have discovered saying goodbye doesn’t have to be sad.

I also celebrated my birthday on the 17th January and received many birthday wishes and gorgeous gifts. Here are a few things from Heather the feather.......

I was rather spoilt!!!

Heather and I went out to lunch together and as Heather gave me a huge bag of presents, I gave her a gift too....I made this cute little ruffle bag.

Just love the ruffles!!!

Interestingly or scarily enough, if you notice the button I used on the bag.... is the same button Heather put on the red alien as well. How scary is that? We think too much alike. What about this creation, what is it you ask? It is called a what-not.

Heather made this for me and it holds things like needles, pins, tape measure...all the things you need in emergencies.
Very handy.
So what else have I been up to this week???....

My neighbour Lorraine gave me these goodies to use....

A banner to use in the library for displays...

An Australian Bushranger banner in the making.

This is going to fit the size of a free standing pin up board. A trip to the local library, some wonderful books.
I have had countless emails about this Christmas puddings that I had knitted and posted about a little while back.
I made some of things puddings as instructed in the pattern but also made some as ornaments and added a crocheted circle and filled them with toy stuffing. I will share the pattern with you and these will be good for the gals that join in the 1 Xmas Item a Month.

That’s it for me today folks....I’m off to stitch away at my bush ranger banner. Have a terrific week ahead and enjoy each glorious day.

Cheers, Anita.
Christmas pudding pattern.
25gms of white or cream for pudding top
25 gms of brown for pudding. Size 10 needles.
Cast on 28 sts in brown.
Row 1: Increase into each stitch (56sts)
Row 2: Purl
Continue in stocking stitch for 10 rows
Row 13: k2 brown, k2 w, *k5 b, k2 w, * repeat last 3 sts brown
Row 14: Purl previous colour pattern
Row 15: k1 brown, *k4 w, k3 b, repeat to last 2 sts, k2b
Row 16: Purl previous colour pattern
Row 17: *k6 w, k1 b, * to end
Row 18: Purl previous colour pattern
Row 19: Knit white
Row 20: Purl white
Row 21: k3 tog, to end (k2tog at end)
Row 22: Purl 2tog to end (k3 tog)
Draw up and fasten off. Join side seams, turn right side out and fill with sweets, nuts or whatever.
Decorate with a holly sprig. Place on foil cup and wrap in cello.
* If making a pudding ornament, make a circle to fit over covering of base of pudding. You could sew a felt circle, crochet or knit a circle and attach. Fill with toy stuffing instead of sweets and sew circle on. Have fun!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's hot, hot, hot.

Peace does not mean to be
In a place where there is no
Noise, trouble or hard work,
Peace means to be
In the midst of all those things
And still be calm in your heart.
That is the real meaning of Peace.


Hello to you all on this sweltering morning! The weather man told us yesterday that we would be in for 46C today and he wasn’t kidding!! Lol At 8am I checked the gauge and yep, it is already 41C. The garden has been watered, along with the tree branches for the birds, chooks let out for an early morning scratch, before it gets too hot, washing brought in and folded and now we stay inside as much as possible.

I took some pics of some bird life hanging around our yard this morning, the poor things are in for a hot day.
The little mudlarks appear similar to our magpies but are smaller in size.
I had to click the camera quickly to catch this shot of a honey bird checking out the flowers, as they are very fast.
 Hoping my shade house survives the heat today!!
This week I found a fantastic crochet book at the local library and found inspiration from one of the patterns.
This is what I’m making right now. It will be a cushion cover, crocheted in 8 ply yarns.
The best thing about this project is using up those really small lengths of yarn, the ones that aren’t big enough for a whole granny square but can be used for smaller sections of one.

A doll in the making,
 I still have to make her face and add clothing. She will probably come to the library with me.

As hot as it is I can’t help but get cracking on stitching up these crocheted squares that a work mate gave me.
All the squares are done differently, and in different colours, but it will be a mighty fine blanket when it’s finished.

Some of my favourite things.....

This is one of my favourite miniature teapots, I just love it.

And a dear little wall hanging made out of ceramics from Heather the feather.

And of course.....
Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum, Italy.
It was lovely sharing some time with you and hope you had a nice time visiting my blog this morning. I need to buzz off now and decide if I’m going to bother my husband (a wonderful pastime for me and richly rewarding, in my eyes!!), or will I start plodding around doing bits of housework? I think I’ve decided already. Lol Fun a fantastic Sunday, stay happy and safe.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happiness simply wants

What you already have.


Hello to you all. I woke up this morning to the strong smell of smoke, so I went to investigate straight away. Did I leave the iron on in the sewing shed and now it’s burnt down??? No....thank goodness, I’m sure all my teeth would fall out if that happened! Lol There seems to be some fire in the far distance but the strong winds have pushed them our way.

This week I have absolutely enjoyed myself with making toys from some fabulous books I have out from the local library and from my own library. Crafty Creatures is the kids book from my library and it arrived on the last day of school term. It has come home with me and I am having so much fun making things from it......

Cute teddy
(you can do it Ashlee)

I don’t usually put buttons on toys I make because if this goes in as a gift for a baby I would worry about the buttons coming off, so I hand stitch eyes and face parts with yarn instead. Still looks cute.

In the same book I made this ever so gorgeous pony. It was fun making this little guy and so simple. I especially love the tail and mane.

50 yards of fun is pretty fun to make from too! Just by using little scraps of yarn you can make these incredible creatures.

Too sweet!

The bodies on the two toys are the same but arms and legs are positioned differently. These will be going in to my library. I bet they’ll be loved.

I had a great time at the local library, just had to take these two books home with me as well. The book about Italy mentioned several places we visited and want to go back to.

My lovely Italy

A favourite pass time of mine....(sad but true) tipping out a heap of buttons and just staring at them.
I have more buttons than Heather...ha ha ha

Oh yes, I have some funny traits!! How about you guys? Anyone out there willing to admit they have a quirky little ‘thing’ that they enjoy doing? Love you to share with me. If you laugh at yourself, no-one else can touch you!! Lol

Now for something not so youngest son & hubby have gone to the go kart track today so gingerly I am going to enter a man cave and clean the rotten thing out. I know – make them clean it themselves. It never happens on the great scale I need it to happen. So I’m going in armed with a light sabre, vacuum cleaner, cloths, food (in case I get lost for a couple of weeks), garbage bag and a compass to help me find the way out!!! Have an absolutely fab Sunday and hope everything is sweet.

Cheers, Anita.
                             Our gondola ride in Venice. See there's no hair on hubby's head? I told him that's what would happen if he married me....he didn't listen!! lol xx


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