Sunday, December 31, 2017

This is a wonderful day..I've
never seen this one before!! 
A  beautiful Buongiorno and Good Morning to you all! I have turned into a wild thing this week and dabbled in all sorts of craft work and hobbies, so I have taken lots of photos to show you what I have made, what I am still making and what I have been up to. You really will need to make yourselves a nice hot coffee or  tea, relax and come with me....

The thrill at experimenting more with crocheting has opened new creations for me and one fun thing I enjoy is making animal beanies (woolly hats). A cute little owl and a cheeky little dog hat. Both have been made from a basic beanie pattern, some pictures from Pinterest and the ability to make bits up as I go. The owl hat fits up to adult size and the little dog fits up to 2 year old.
 Just love those sleepy eyes!

This is a project I am still working on but as I am full of excitement over it, I had to show you the progress already. Over the holidays I am making a start for my stock at the markets. This bright little work is going to be a cushion. I have used a mix of flannel and heavy cotton fabrics, a bit of patchwork and some hand stitching here.

 I almost want to start eating this woolly hat....the colours remind me of ice cream!! people know I've got "crazy" running through my veins.. I'm in love with that flower!

 Speaking of flowers, I am still pushing out these little cute hair ties as I find small bits of yarn. It it a good way to use the yarn straight away as I find it,  before it has the chance to tangle up other balls of wool. Any one else have that problem?

Blaming I am going to blame Heather the feather for me buying this lot of stuff ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… is all Heather's fault because if she would stop trying to have more buttons than me I wouldn't have had to buy these buttons.

Best buttons ever!!!

I also must show you this treasure yarn that I purchased...oh so soft. Unusual for me to purchase a chunky yarn but I had to have this and oh, this is also Heather's fault!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™‰

A beanie in the making..

I decided to make some tiny pot mitts to take lids off pots instead of using the big mitts that I usually fumble with. Sometimes the mitts annoy me because I can't quite grab the lid properly and I turn into a big cry baby in the pram and throw all my toys out when this happens. lol

Now for my grand finish......this beautiful cushion. I love this!! All crocheted in 8 ply yarn, lots of pretty colours and I made the cushion insert as well.


All this crocheted beauty reminds me that one kind gesture from a lovely lady , who gifted me some crochet hooks and crochet books started all this off. Grazie Mrs. Di Pietro

The other day at the shops I tried to give away my husband to a passerby,  who politely refused my offer but did try to pay me to take her husband!! lol  I'm glad I kept mine though because he drove me to the garden centre and we purchased these pots.

Don't worry friends....for everyone I tease, there is always a pay back. This hairy, wet nosed nuisance always annoys me when I try to water the garden. Every time the tap goes on Milo tries to bite the water. The bigger he grows, the higher he can jump.

 He is such a pest!! Here in full flight and off the ground.

A little visitor to our aviary. The zebra finches just fly in and fly out again.

By now your coffee or tea is finished,  I have shared all my projects and photos, you are up to date on my week and hopefully you have drawn inspiration from my little space.  

 Today I plan to do some sewing, gardening, crocheting and perhaps have a couple of games of solitaire on the computer. I love playing solitaire as I listen to Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli singing that beautiful song 'Perfect', throwing their voices around effortlessly as they shred my emotions to pieces. Just beautiful!! lol
Have a fabulous day my friends.

Ciao, Anita.


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