Monday, December 28, 2015

Finally.....Good morning and hello. Our internet and phones have been out of action for ages now, so there's been no blogging for ages. I'm sorry for not replying to comments, Christmas wishes etc, and I have just found my mountain of emails (all asking where have I been). The computer I usually do my blogging on has decided not to turn back on and this computer doesn't have all my super fonts on it. Whaa whaa.

Good news is......I'm on holidays and I've whipped my sewing room to death already. I have promised to make good use of these holidays, in the way of getting winter stock ready for next year's markets. I have made so many 2 year old boy sweaters already and I'm heaps happy with myself. Heather and I were swamped last year at the markets and constant requests for knitted boy sweaters. Well we're onto it. 

My latest creation is this cute little mug rug to sell at the tourist centre. I have done a little bit of stitching, used the last of some very pretty fabric that I have loved and stitched a little circle for the bottom of the cup. I'm onto the next mug rug now.

This is the next one
I couldn't help myself......I made some cute little headbands for newborns. Click here for the pattern. 
Now gals, don't clag it, but I've done some crocheting as well!!! Eekkk! lol I have noticed the rage of clothing with crocheted bodice and fabric skirt. I think it's groovy and very cute on little girls. If you hack around on the net you will find heaps of free patterns. 

There is no pattern for this one though, I kinda made it up as I went. I will have to go back and write it
Meanwhile.....back in the sewing shed....some little beaded dolls are in the making. As soon as I finished blogging I'm racing out there to sew for a while. We're expecting 42 C today and we'll get it. lol

A beautiful gift from Heather the feather. My heart skipped beats when I unwrapped this Christmas gift. Heather joined us for Christmas lunch and was full of cheek and comments...but see how friendship balances? Cheek in one hand, a beautiful plate in another. lol
Well gals, I'm off to get a good start on some sewing before we boil here. I'm hoping for a fantastic New Year and I wish that for you all as well. 
Buon anno! Happy New Year
Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Leave the flurry to the masses:
Take your time and shine your glasses.
-Old Irish verse
Pretty much at this time of the year, I’m not sure if I’m winding up or winding down. Lol There’s is the excitement of preparing for Christmas, the knowledge that I have only four more working days before I go on summer break, buying and making gifts for my special people.....these are all the wind ups for me, I would think, but I also feel like I’m winding down with the above as well. Us girls are a funny species.

At this exciting time of year, I lovingly hang our Christmas wall quilt above my gorgeous old tea trolley laden with handmade Christmas dolls.

With sentiment running wild here, Cath Walker made this little cutie for me several years ago. I still put this little beauty out every year Cath, I think of you. Lol.

For a something a bit different this year, I found a groovy cup warmer that touched my sense of humour. No one and nothing is really safe from me. This is a free pattern and if you want to have a go at knitting it, click here.

During the week my son Brandon text me to say have a squiz at the sky......Mother Nature putting on a display. No it wasn’t the jet line left from any sort of air transport, the cloud was thicker by far for that. If you held your fingers about 4 inches apart and pointed them to the sky, that’s how thick this straight cloud was. 

Pretty cool I thought!

Image result for clip art sky

In a previous post I showed you the Peppa pig that I had knitted and she is much bigger than George turned out, but cute just the same. Clicking here will get you the pattern.

Image result for clip art gardenImage result for clip art garden
Shades of..........

I’ve decided that my main project over the holidays will be getting ahead with the winter stock for the markets. I know, it’s summer, it’s hot....but a knitting addict doesn’t stop for the weather. Lol...well not this one any way (nor does Heather the feather). Gosh, if I had to stop knitting because it was hot....well.....I’d turn into a neurotic raccoon!!!!

I’ve started with boys booties and beanies. Heather and I discovered that we just could not keep up with the demand for boys knitted items. So I’m getting ahead this time. It was our first season selling things at the markets, so we were really feeling our way around, just as we’re doing through the summer months right now. 

Image result for clip art baby boy

This ratbag is in trouble again. Another 2 bushes have been squashed and mysteriously disappeared from the yard. I think there’s more to that story.


Well folks, I’m about to attack some housework, not that I want to. I’m still waiting for that lazy magic fairy to get here and do it Where is she? Lol
Enjoy your Sunday and stay happy.

Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Keep all that is good for your soul close to you
and everything else can just

stay away.

 After the fantastic night I had last night with my tribe of Ag Society friends.....I’m surprised I’m blogging this morning!! Lol Thanks you crazy bunch of larikans for a groovy night of fun and laughter.

Now I left you all last time with something to wonder about......What am I knitting in blue, white and gold? Here is my secret project........Banana's in Pyjamas. Especially made for my little nephew 

 Have heaps of fun with Banana’s little man.

I have an old and favourite Play School book that has all the groovy characters from that program to knit. Soft toys are always the way to go for little kids, they love them.

I've done some sewing for the markets this week. 3 little summer skirts for 4 year girls. As our weather is so hot here in the summer, there is nothing like a light cotton skirt to wear. There are so many free patterns out there on the net that the world is your oyster when you choose a pattern.

 I’ve also had a crochet hook attached to my hands this week as I just had to try a pattern I found over at Attic 24. This is the start of the Blooming flower cushion and when I finish it it's going to be a charmer. Perhaps it can be for another special niece of mine? lol

 There is an absolutely fantastic tutorial on how to crochet this wonderful pattern, and take it from me.....anyone can do it. It is so simple. They’ve done a great job on the tutorial. Want to try it? Click here.

Yes and still on the go.....I did some sewing as well. I decided that some new Christmas gear was needed this year, and what nicer addition than a runner for my antique tea trolley. A groovy idea to use up some leftover fabrics as well.

This runner will be for the top shelf and I will make another for the bottom.
 Call me crazy if you like, but the other day I found a cute little pattern for these Chrissy decorations.....
Now I can’t find them again to share the pattern! Oops! I’ll keep looking. These actually start out as a circle and end up like this.
I’m sad to have to go but at least one day over the weekend must be clean up day.....not that I like the idea. I hope gals are all starting to gear up for Christmas. It’s such a fun time for me as I love looking at all the Chrissy ideas that start popping up on everyone’s blogs. Have a super week everyone.

Ciao, Anita.


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