Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gone sock mad!

How beautiful, how buoyant,
and glad is morning!
-L.E. Landon, The Book of Beauty.

Another great week has
just zipped by and I have managed
to get many things done.
I did do something silly though, I have lost my car
keys! I have Pixie's set of keys but still
cannot find my own. Pixie went to pick the boys
up from school and I yelled out to him that I
would come with him. I put my keys down and
immediately thought 'that is a silly place to leave
them'. And what do you know, they're missing.
If anyone has a psychic mind please let
me know where I put them.

Today I quickly whipped up some curtains
for Cory and Pixie's go kart trailer. The material
had been given to me a while ago and has now
come in very handy. The material had to be thick
to help keep the warmth in the sleeping compartments.
Yes! the trailer has beds.
I have now used a bit more of my material stash.

I have also knitted socks this week. I found a cute
pattern on the net that could be downloaded.
I knitted the socks from a big reel of wool that I had
found at the Op shop. It is a plum colour and very
soft wool.

I fell hard for the pattern itself. Very easy pattern indeed. If
you would like to try them, go to Kala's blog. They are called
Laizy Maizy socks.

After making these socks I went for a quick
trip with Pixie to the craft shop. While Pix looked for
what he wanted I found more wool.
The brand is Lara Lamb and though I have never
knitted with this wool before, I'm willing to
give it a go. It feels nice and soft. It is a 4ply wool
and I can't wait to start. I was at it, I spotted some lovely
baby wool. I need this for my show item.
I'm happy to say that I think My friend Dianne has also
got the knitting bug. While visiting her up in Geraldton
we had a discussion about knitting. And a phone today
confirmed there will be some knitting up her way. Good
on you Dianne.

As the weather is chilly out my way, I think I better go
and do some knitting. My house is full of boys, the
fire is going nicely....all I need now are my knitting
needles and a cup of tea. Kind regards, Anita.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Easy Sunday

        A seed hidden in the heart
of an apple is an orchard invisible.
-Welsh proverb.

I'm having a fairly
cushy day today.
Pixie and Cory are at gokarts,
Brandon has a friend over
and me....I am having
a sewing day.

Last night I stitched up the
black cardigan I knitted while on
I had already made this cardigan in
grey and loved it so much, I had to knit
it again in black. My winter wardrobe
centres around black, so I felt that
this cardigan would mix and match.

I have used 8 ply wool and really
enjoyed casting on about 285 stitches
and knitted like mad. The bottom part of
the cardigan is K5, P5, with a crocheted
cord to finish it off. I am a bit
annoyed with myself as I have forgotten
what knitting book I found this pattern in. I will try to retrace my steps and find
the title of the book.

On Saturday I went for a visit to the
lovely Op shop in town and found....
I couldn't believe my eyes. A huge reel of
sock wool. I suppose there are going to be
lots of grey socks around this house!
I found 2 books plus the wool for $4.00.

I also went to visit Bev and exchanged a
paper bag challenge with her. We
have exchanged paper bags with fabric, ric rac
or lace, and 5 buttons. We will make each
other something nice.
I can't wait to see what we both come
up with.

Today is the last day of my holidays and
I'm looking forward to going back
to work. I love staying home and I love
my job, so I have best of both

Hope you all have a great week and take care. Kind regards, Anita.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enjoying my holidays

Doing good is the only certainly 
 happy action of a man's life.
-Sir Philip Sidney

Since I'm on holidays, I have the chance
to slide in a quick post and share with
you some of my finished projects.

Today I decided to use up some scraps of
material that have been given to me. I thought a
nice placemat was long overdue.
The strips are about 11/2 inch wide x 6 inch long, happened
to find some nice green to bind the edges with..
how lucky was that!
I rather like all the colours here.

I found some leftover Powder puff wool as well and decided
that I could get a beanie out of the leftovers...I managed to
squeeze 2 out, but have given one away already.
This has got to be one of the softest brands
of wool on the market. It is a baby wool and
certainly is soft to the touch.

I am really enjoying my holidays and they come to an end
soon, so on Monday it's back to work.
Which is great as well!
I have finished lots of things that I was
hoping to get done, some sewing,
cleaning. It was fantastic to see Di and the boys
again up in Geraldton, had a great time with the
boys as well. Pixie also had time off over the
break, so having him home was fun. Sharing a cup
of tea and coffee in the afternoon with hubby
is just priceless. Had someone to pick on as
He loves it.
I'm off now to trace some angel patterns. Catch you next
time. Kind regards, Anita.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Coastal trip

The rules of a friendship are
simple and true. Do unto your
 friends as you'd have them do.

We have just returned from a short trip
up the coast of Western Australia.
We went to a place called Geraldton, a
4-5 hour drive from home (depending
on which one of us is driving).

On the way up there I got to do a good
spot of knitting. I made a grey cardigan
a short time ago and fell in love with
it so much, I had to have it in black as well.

Unfortunately you can't see the pattern too well but
the bottom section of the cardigan is knit 5, purl 5 and done in one piece until the underarms. I have used an 8ply wool and there are 253 stitches on the needles at one time!

While on our journey I just had to share
some pictures with you. Along the trip to Geraldton
there are many ruins, partial and restored buildings
along the way. The highway is dotted with old homesteads and buildings of the past.

I always have a good look at this one, I would
love to know some of its history.

This is one half of the house, and unfortunately the
vandals have done some writing on the walls. Lovely big old stones with timber window frames. Typical that the chimney is still standing.
There seems to be lots of small rooms and doors to the outside...perhaps a row of living quarters?

I have a friend who lives in Geraldton and everytime we visit, the boys go to race gokarts and I catch up with Dianne for some pleasant chit chat....gossip! We have been friends for a squillion years and never seem to run out of things to talk about.

On the Sunday Dianne, her boys and I went for a stroll to the markets in Geraldton. When we parked I noticed a stunning building right in front of me. The old building used to be the hospital. You won't believe what it is now.....
It is a back packers stop. I'm a bit cross that my camera played up as I took more photo's of this building and they didn't turn out. To the left of the photo, the building continues for a good stretch. To the right, a visitors centre.

I really enjoyed my visit catching up with Di and the boys, they are so funny. Brandon woke early this morning as he was very happy to be going home. Needless to say we left at around 6.30 am.

One of the great things about being back home is....our bed wasn't short sheeted while we were gone! A bit of a joke between my darling sister-in-law and us. Her bed was short sheeted a little while ago, so revenge is inevitable.

Have a great week and happy sewing. Kind regards, Anita.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sliding one in

Cheerful company
shortens the miles.
-German proverb

I'm sliding a quick one in here.
I might be out of action for a few days
so I thought I would
quickly show you some of my
knitting .
This will be the second drop off
at the chemist for knitted items to go to
Guardian Angel. The little top made in 8 ply is for a
small child. Infact the arms are about 4 inches long!

Some little guy will be nice and
warm in it. Also made were a few more beanies.
This winter in Australia will be really
cold, so I figure that beanies will be
needed and appreciated.
You may have seen some of these colours before,
I am trying to reduce my stash of wool and
slowly it is happening. The top middle
beanie was knitted from Powder puff wool that
I purchased from Spotlight. It is so lovely to
knit with. The dark beanie is the same
colour as the little jumper shown above.

Now after saying I am trying to reduce my wool
stash, I have to confess....I went to
the craft shop today and purchased some
black 8 ply wool to knit myself a
cardigan!! ooops!

The weekend is just around the corner, I hope
you all enjoy it. Chat
with you soon. Kind regards, Anita.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Improve every opportunity to wonder
and worship, as a sunflower welcomes the light.
- Henry David Thoreau.

Well it's a terrific Tuesday here at the homestead! My boys are occupied and happy, had a nice walk this morning, even though the weather is pretty drab.....I don't usually do walks (rather ride) but Cory and I took Max for a walk. I am so excited that I have been able to get some stitching and sewing done. I told you about the Russian doll...
Heather had made this little beauty and my tongue hung out of my mouth and I started to drool. Had to make her. I did do a few changes though....she will be going to live in the library and with that in mind, I thought perhaps only 1 ribbon on her head and went along without the lace. I have also used corduroy instead of felt for the cape and used up scraps to make the front of her dress. I you want to make her she is in the Handmade Vol 25, no.10. Very quick and easy to make. I love her.

Have been able to finish some stitching as well, I'm a fair bit behind on that. This is part of the quilt Bev and I are making.
We are making different subjects towards the quilt. We have rows of chooks, hearts, trees and the next row is angels. It keeps us both out of trouble. Now having done some stitching and sewing I have also knitted up that lovely ball of wool purchased a few days ago. It has turned into a beanie for my niece who is expecting her third child. The wool brand is Cuddles 4 Me and it is beautiful to knit with.

I'm off to bake now for the hungry hoard of boys roaming around my house right now. Nothing like homemade cake! See you next time. Kind regards, Anita.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lost and found

 The busy bee teaches us two lessons: one is
not to be idle, and the other is not to get stung.
-Early American proverb.

A while ago I found material and pattern to make a Noah's ark cushion.
I decided to take it home and make it up....
I found this at an Op shop, when I spotted it of course I couldn't believe my luck
nor could I leave it there for someone else!
I loved the colour of the material used on the back.

It's very pretty.

This morning Pixie and I went to the shops, and made a stop in at the craft shop
along the way. We went in to check out the wool. A lovely niece of mine
told me yesterday that she was expecting baby number 3. So with
excitement I had to check out the baby wool.
I haven't come across this wool before but it feels lovely and I take it to be a 4 ply, hence the
name of the wool Cuddles 4 me? I will take photo's of whatever I make out of it.

Also found, on a quick visit to the library was a book I had ordered in called Plush You. I am
really getting interested once again in making toys, and I figure with a new
library being built....there has to be new toys!
So I have shown you all the things I have found, now with a bit of sadness I will show
you something that is going to be lost.
This grand old girl is on the market, and loud whispers are that she will be knocked down
for something else.....
An old lady used to live here alone, and the block would have to be at least 1 acre. On the right
hand side is the drive way...
And on the other side is a huge old fashioned garden.
I just love the footpath through the garden.
The front is adorned with lovely features, old charm, gorgeous windows and the name of the house....
The house has been let go, so the amount of money you would need to renovate would be
through the roof. Which is sad, she is a grand old lady. I even cruised around the back
of the property and took some shots of the back.
I couldn't get the whole yard in this one photo, so you could perhaps imagine the size of the place.
It is unfortunate the house has been let go, could you imagine it in its day! In the next photo take
notice of the sheet of metal in the centre of the picture.....
That sheet of metal is covering a door. Yes...the lower floor of the house has what
is equal to another small unit underneath. A family could live
in the house and rent out the lower unit if they so desired.

I will be sad to see this place go, as our town has bit of a reputation for
pulling down old places and rebuilding model replacements.
At least I have these photo's to remember it by.

I think some people in my house are starving, so maybe I rattle around the
kitchen and make some lunch for the poor things. Have yourself a
great weekend and see you all soon.
Kind regards, Anita.


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