Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm a wicked girl!!

All is change: all yields
its place and goes.

Buon giorno to you all! We are enjoying a lovely long weekend here in my part of the world and it is the start of the school holidays. I have been up to mischief again, how unlike me! Sometime ago I made a replica doll of our local high school Principal (who has a fantastic sense of humour and we love to terrorize him), now I have made a new jacket for the “John” doll. Many thanks to his lovely wife Jane for supplying the material (lol) and to Marilyn for handing me the parcel with the material in it!!! Do you love his new coat?

The wool dangling down is from where we tried to hang the doll once!!! oops!

How cute is he in his jacket?

I am really looking forward to plodding around the garden these holidays, here’s some super fab pics of the garden.....
Geraldton wax

Geraniums & stock

During the week I have found time for more knitting too... If you are interested in making any of these patterns I have linked them in previous posts, so you can go back and get the patterns from there. Some of the patterns are done in 8 ply and 3 or 4 ply.

 I thought I would share this with all those lasagna lovers out there. On a recent trip to Italy we stopped off at a fantastic restaurant to try their food. The lasagna was to die for and if you want to try the recipe just type in the web address on this card and have a go.
See where one of my tea towels from Rome ended up....I can't bring myself to use it, just admire it and remember.
  I watched the Dockers and Hawks footy match yesterday and so sad for the Dockers that they didn’t win, maybe next year guys. I’m off to visit some favourite blogs of mine now, so I do hope you enjoy your weekend.

Cheers,  Anita.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wet Spring

He has achieved success who has lived well,

laughed often, and loved much.

-Bessie Anderson Stanley

A very warm greeting to you all. We are having a very wet Spring in our part of the world and this morning it is windy, wet and every now and then the sun peeks through the clouds. Last night the wind and rain woke me up it was that wild and woolly! Lol. I went to the library during the week and found two very sweet books that had to come home with me. The first little treasure explains the different types of tea: teatime; tea in the garden: high tea etc. It is a very interesting read. Maybe you can find it available at your library?
A very cute book of cross  stitch. You will love this one too.
Too sweet

We had such lovely weather yesterday that I had time for weeding and planting new shrubs. We have a giant sized pile of wood chips to put over the garden before the summer sets in, so I have started to move them into the garden. Most of the wood chipping will be done over the coming holidays and I will need all that time to move it!!
A quick trot through my garden.......

The front yard is starting to look good......

A view of the sky this morning.....

Can’t help admire the flower on the grevillia bush, just love it!

Oh surprise, surprise, yes there is knitting too. I found this super free pattern on the net. Knitted in 8ply, size 8 needles for me (perhaps different for you). It is a top down pattern, so easy with few threads to sew in. No surprise to those who visit my buttons stitched on yet!! Lol. Click here for the pattern.

A recent visit to the local craft shop had this gorgeous yarn come home with me. I’ve knitted with  Fantasia before and it’s incredibly nice to knit with. If you can get a hold of some, do try it.

I have found a wonderful use for this spare box.......
A bit of style in my quest to hide all my UFO”s......he’ll never find them!!

Well I haven’t had brekky yet and the old tummy is a rumblin’. Need to solve that problem. I have no Heather to tease, she's on holidays in QLD. Hope you’re enjoying yourself girlie!! Best wishes to you all and have a happy  relaxing Sunday.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm not showing off, but.....

A rich person has many treasures

a wise person treasurers many friendships.

Hello to you all! Show weekend is over for another year and I’m pretty happy with my many wins, and also how many other people entered the show as well. I managed to win a ribbon for my white shawl and I’m stoked about that. It will now be entered in the Royal Show in Perth.

Though I might’ve won the ribbon, show off (Heather lol) won the overall points and trophy. Typical!! I have some pics of Heather’s entries and mine.....

Good on you Heather!!!......brat.

One of the Ag Society members kindly gave me some beautiful wheat to take home.

Bless our farmers.

This weekend was not only about the show and once I had some spare time I took off out to the nursery to buy some Wisteria to plant in the garden.

Well everyone....I’m pooped now, I have all the washing and ironing to look forward to. Just as well the school holidays will be upon us in a couple of weeks, it will take me all school holidays to catch up. I’m so grateful to hubby for starting the washing for me, at least that gave me a head start.

Hugs to Jane & John P. I keep you both close in my thoughts.
Have a great week ahead.
Cheers, Anita.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday Night with Friends

There is no delight in
owning anything unshared.
-Marcus Annaceus Seneca
Hello to you all and join me as I share my Friday Night with Friends. A group of gals get together and spend time doing the craft of their choice on a Friday night. It will was snuggly sort of night to do it as well here, we had rain!!
I have been at it making my little beaded dolls again and I’m pretty impressed with this little chick.......

Very sweet
I finished her last night and she’s cute. Another almost finish is this snazzy little baby jacket with just buttons to be stitched on. It is knitted in 8 ply yarn and is so simple and quick to make. Click here for the pattern.
Love this colour
With a few night hours to go, I made a start on some crocheted squares. These are crocheted in 4 ply and I will be using up my 3 ply baby yarn to make blankets for when Mr Stork started delivering all these babies.

I’m out of here now to see what the other girls have made. See you all another time.
Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I know well that happiness

is in little things.

-John Rushkin

Hello to you all! Welcome to our first day of Spring!! Also a Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. My boy has been spoilt with a cooked breakfast and lovely gifts. Happy Father’s Day Pixie.
My garden is starting to bloom with all sorts of beautiful flowers and I can see butterflies hanging around the garden. We have been fortunate enough to have some much needed rain and that’s great for our gardens and our farmers.

I have had a fantastic week, work is super duper as always, family is going along happy. Perhaps not so much the visit to the periodontist for hubby and I, .....we both got told off!! Eekkk! We’ll try harder with our brushing. Gulp.

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.......
1 crocheted baby blanket in blue, pink and white. Made with love for one of the 3 special bundles the stork will deliver....
A sweet baby jacket knitted in 4 ply baby yarn...
Found some interesting books from the public library to give me inspiration...
Some beautiful fabric I couldn't go without!!
Hacking around the garden, admiring the lovely view....

And as always thinking of Italy.

All in all,  a wonderful week. I have visited some of my favourite blogs and my there are some busy little beavers out there. Look on the right hand side of my blog and press on my favourite blogs,  you will see what I mean about the busy little beavers. Have a great Sunday.

Cheers, Anita.


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