Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friends and acquaintances.

First keep peace within yourself,
then you can also bring peace to others.
-Thomas á Kempis
I had such a wonderful social week, catching up with many friends and acquaintances I hadn’t seen in a long time. One visit I was really hanging for was the get together with Maria from Life on the Block blog. I shot off in the car with my partner-in-crime companion Heather and drove over to a sleepy little historical town and met up with Maria and her tribe of friends.

Here we are, the three of us. Now......the villain on the left of your screen is Heather the feather (I’m surprised her little horns and pokey tail were not visible), the lovely Maria....oh and that’s me on the right of your screen (the innocent looking one) lol.

Heather, Maria & I
It was lovely to catch up with you Maria, I had been  looking  forward to it for so long. Your tribe of patch working friends are truly fun ladies. Here they are below.
I had mentioned to you before about the markets I was going to sell some of my goods at, well that happened yesterday and what fun I had. Here is our little stall being set up by Lynda.

A side view.....
This is my collection of handmade goods.
It was a warm day with some lovely breeze coming through. Met some of the stall holders next door and terrorized them with friendly fire. Lol I also met so many friends I hadn't seen for ages and lots of customers from when I worked at the local library. Lots of chatting and catching up all day. Super!!
Pretty happy with my sales and will be attending the next market too.

I have almost finished my big knitting project to show you for next time....well the first part of it anyway. Lol
Stay happy and I’ll be back next week.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back to work.

Instill the love of you into all the world
For a good character is what is remembered.
-The Teaching for Merikare, par 24.

All I can say is......’Oh I miss my nana naps’! Lol....I returned to work after having almost 6 weeks annual leave and over the holidays I learnt the art of having a sleep in the afternoons (something I don’t do).. My first day back was a scorcher of a day and by noon I was a dreaming of having a lovely nap.. Other than that I settled back into work pretty well and the other mad cappers that work there helped the day cruise on.

I’m afraid that my craft time has been slashed this week and can show you only a couple of items I have made. I have a major project on the go but I would love to show you it when I’ve finished.

But grab a cup of tea, have a seat and come with me as I share my week with you.........

Having been inspired by little Miss Shae’s tooth fairy doll, I decided to make another one to sell at the markets.........
 A groovy little pair of boot cuffs for a sweet niece of mine. I knitted these in 8 ply, soft pink and I’m afraid I just made up the pattern as I went but they turned out just right. Little boot cuffs are the rage apparently so I’m going to make some for the coming winter season..
 Awww..............I just have to show you Heather the feather’s aliens. Heather had made one of these then she had to make more. Typical of her character I might add ie her shoefetish (Imelda). Ooops! Just leaving the slinging off right here, I must say they are pretty cool and one of them even reminds me of her. lol
 A wonderful piece of material that Imelda ......Heather gave me yesterday. I’m hoping I have enough of it to cover a stool for the library. Fingers crossed.
 Check this out! Cory took these photo’s at about 6.45 the other night. Darkness hadn’t quite set in and here we have a light blue sky with pink shaded clouds passing the moon
 ...bit more of a close up...the closer Cory zoomed in the darker the background but still the pink haze.
 Closer still and look at that moon! I love the detail in that shot. Cory is a champion with a camera.

 Any one remember what these funny looking things might be? No? If you have a look at a photo from the olden days and have a gander at the telephone poles you will see these funny little things. They are glass insulators that used to suspend phone lines (and power lines) from supporting poles. Hubby found them out in the bush. Pretty cool find hey?
 Oh, oh and yes, my little helper Milo (Mr Backyard destroyer). Milo had to investigate these curious things.
Look at that innocent face....not!! Lol!!

Well that’s my week wrapped up but I leave you with a thought. Something I have wondered about for such a long time and perhaps someone out there can answer this question.

You know when people get ideas from seeing other people’s work ie architects. They have seen other buildings and add this to it or that to it. Can someone please tell me where did the Romans get the idea for any one of those 1000’s of beautiful buildings over there? Examples the Pantheon, any thing in the Forum, the Leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum?

I mean truly, what did they see in the first place that would make them create such beautiful buildings and designs like that. If anyone out there has any thoughts, please share with me, I’d love to hear what you think.
See you next time groovy cats.
Cheers, Anita.

                                                      The Pantheon, Rome.


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