Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wishing you yesterday’s promises,
today’s dreams and
tomorrow’s blessings.
-Lynne Kooij.
Buon giorno! It is official.....I'm hooked on knitting those cute little birds and basically I can’t seem to stop. Lol. It’s funny when you find something that you really love to do, then everything else goes in a heap. Another terrific week has zipped by and I have accomplished many things, not only in craft work but also life in general. Check out my week with me.....
My cute little knitted birds that are slowly building up at my house...
I love these, so cute.
A girl’s wall hanging that I’ve made a start on. I will keep you updated as I go with this project. So far I have pinned the pieces onto the calico, stitched the ric rac on with embroidery thread......

 This is the backing for the mini wall hanging. I love the colours on this fabric. I will be selling this piece of work at the tourist centre.
 Totally love the colours and pattern
Thinking about what to do with this little piece of knitting that was given to me in a give away box from a friend. I'm still having a think about what to will come to me.
 My fine feathered friend Heather has been busy with her craft work too and when she showed me her finished work I had to share it with you all. Such a steady hand and a neatness about her work.....doesn’t defy the villain she is!! Lol halo slipped just then. The colours, the cute teddy, I love it all. The pic was taken on my mobile so it doesn’t show up as well as I’d hoped, but it is a glorious piece of work done by a talented young lady.
Gorgeous work Heather
For years I have driven past and thought fondly of all the fun we had as kids at the sale yards. I have watched as it has stood there in its own company and as bits have fallen apart. My biggest shock was to be told that soon it will disappear, how broken is my heart! I thought I would take the photo’s I would need to heal my heart and etch the memory in my mind forever.

Looking from the roadside you would think that it is mostly still intact, however when you get up close most of the pens have now been removed. When I saw this my heart skipped a beat, but I have enough in these photo’s to still feel all warm and fuzzy. As a child this smelly, dusty, peaceful, free place was a safety haven for me and a great place for all the kids in the neighbourhood who could be what they wanted to be. We could pretend we were sheep, or farmers or monsters, depending on the childhood game we were playing. Hidey was pretty fun to play here.
Today I am going to whiz through the ironing and then hack away in the sewing shed. I'm keen to make more progress on my mini wall hanging....oh and in the afternoon do some knitting. I can see birds happening. The cheeriest on Sunday’s to you all and may the week ahead be all you can dream for.
Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happiness is.....

A lifetime driven by passion
is far more fulfilling
than a lifetime
driven by money.
David B. Cox
A lovely good morning to you all. I have had a busy and happy week this week....I will share it with you. The busy side of the week was speeding along with work commitments and also getting baby gear ready for a special baby the stork delivered to one of my friends.
A baby sack had to be made in a hurry too! This sack will come in handy as a laundry bag. I used lovely soft cotton and in bug print to make this cute little sack.

Busily chipping away at more gifts for the tourist centre....I have embroidered the town name, lazy daisy flowers and a beautiful white swan onto this little cushion. Using folk art, I have painted the water and the inside section of the swan and stitched tiny beads to give the effect of sparkling water under the swan.
 As usual the knitting is happening as well. I was busily trying to get this finished but didn’t make it in time to send off in the baby parcel. This will be for someone else now. Lol.
Happiness is........
Being surrounded by those you love (including the photographer)
Taking in the beauty at Vatican, Italy
  Happiness is........
Listening to lovely music being played by musicians in Florence (Firenze)

   Happiness is........
The gorgeous scent of white musk drifting through the house
   Happiness is........
A friendly jab from a special friend....(Heather the feather)
How was your week? I do hope it was special. If it wasn’t, you can always make next week choose what sort of week you will have. Next week is planning lots of stitching, knitting and peace.
Cheers, Anita.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Go back a little,
to leap further.
John Clarke
My! Where did that week go? Did I blink? Lol,  well I guess it really did happen just at a fast pace. I suppose when you’re having so much fun, time flies. My week was full of laughter, giggling, teasing and hard work .
I will show you what I have been up to this week....I made some little hanging pouches that have been filled with Bicarb of soda. Some are hanging in the go kart trailer to take away the strong fuel odour and guess what? It works. 

Hubby had done a net surf and found this idea, so we tried it. I added about ¾ cup of bicarb to a small pouch 2 in x 5 in long and made a strap to hang it.

Here are a few more
I had a bit of a knitting session. I thought I would make a start on a potato scallop scarf for winter. I might make a few of them up to sell, see how I feel after I’ve made this one.

I went to the local library and found this wonderful book on yoga......hoping to tone up the old stomach. Maybe I can get myself one stomach instead of having 4!!! lol

Watched a wonderful movie last night called  ‘The blind side’, truly a fantastic movie. Watch it you won’t be disappointed. It’s about a young homeless lad who is taken in by a family and is given the chance to play American football.  Actually it’s the real story of Michael Oher.

One of our friends gave us these super sized zucchini .

Love the colours!!!!
I made some of these cute little birds out of the new book in my library. The kids are going to have a great time making things from this book.....if they can get it off me!!! Lol

I have made the beaks a little different to the instructions in the book. I stitched the beaks instead of making felt ones. Temptation might see some of the kids pulling the beak off.....coz they can!!  Good luck trying to get these off.

I have been looking through some of the photo’s of the boys when they were small and just going back to their baby photo’s makes my heart want to burst with pride. Where have the years gone and why did they have to go so fast? It was fun taking the boys to the zoo, museums, parks, any of the kids places you can go, teaching them things, the laughs, all those wonderful things we get to do as parents. We always had another little chap with us through those years and I see his photo’s too. How much they have grown my three sons. How well they have done and how proud we are of all
I’m about to step out into my sewing shed to create some more magnificent and fun creations and possibly keep out of mischief (doubt that!). Wherever you all are, have a fantastic weekend, stay happy and drink lots of tea!!!!
Cheers, Anita.


Venice, Doges Palace, courtyard.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The lily seed is buried in
the darkest, thickest mud,
grows through that pain and hardship and becomes the most beautiful shining flower,
tall, wise and strong from the experience.

Hello to you all...finally! I’ve been having a few problems with blogger but have now worked it out!!
Ha Ha! I knew I’d give the last week of my holidays a good thrashing in the sewing shed!! Very pleased to say that my many projects I had on the go were successfully completed.  It was pretty hard to get myself going for my first day back at work but, as usual, once I got there and saw that group of ratbags, I loved it. Everyone was full of cheek, fun and stories. I did miss a couple of people that have moved on to other schools though.
Grab yourself a cup of tea and cruise around with me as I show you what I have been up to.......
A few new pieces to sell at the tourist centre. A chook appliquéd pot mat....

Birds in a nest stitchery,  that is also a carry pouch......

Rather cute!! Fun to make.
I was working on an Australian bushranger banner and have completed that but the photo turned out all blurred so I can’t show you the whole banner right now, but I can show you parts of it.....
The sheep in the paddock.....

The rolling hills.....

Ned Kelly’s homestead.....

Also for the library, I made a Fish banner that is about 90 cm x 60cm approximately.

All scraps of fish fabric that had no other use and could not possibly be thrown out!! Lol.
My new project that I have started on. You will have to wait for this before I tell you what it is.

Wonder what this will be?
I’ve been waiting for this bush to flower and I got a pleasant surprise this week. Finally, a flower, so delicate . I can’t tell you what the bush is but I’ve waited a long time for the flower. Lol.

The first time flowering!!
Can’t wait to see all the kids at school on Monday,. For Western Australia it will be the first week back at school. It’s always exciting to see the little pre primary kids...they’re so small!!! Something else that always amazes me is to see how much the kids have shot up over the school holidays.
Thanks for dropping by and hope you all have an amazing week. May it be a week of much happiness and much stitching. Stay happy.

Cheers,  Anita.


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