Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just one encouraging
word from a friend
can create inspiration
for weeks to come.
I’m happy to say that the last few days of my holidays have been spent well and creatively. I have a stack of pics to share with you and I hope they make you as happy as they’ve made me feel. I’m happy for many in general, hubby is recovering well, kids are happy, Heather the feather has returned from her holiday, we have seen some many things to be happy about!!
The next few photo’s are my finished items to be sold at the tourist centre, so here goes.....
A little girl’s carry all bag and teddy
A dainty clutch decorated with yoyo’s and ribbon

Floral insert with divider inside.
Had to have a matching bead dolly to go with it!

Lovely Heather brought home some goodies for me, which I forgot to show in this posting but will try to remember for next time....this is what I have made out of some of the yarn...
This one is mine!!! Lol
Click here for free pattern.
Just had to slide in a shot of the decorative boxes we purchased this morning to store all our special things in. They look great on the metal storage unit.

A friend asked me about my quilting so I have photo’s of a few quilts I had done some time back....
My most favourite is a Debbie Mumm design. I just love her works so much.

A mini heart quilt, which is pretty old now!!! Lol

In memory of my Mum.
When I first saw this design it reminded me of my Mum out in the garden and she had a pet rabbit.

I hope your visit was a nice one, I loved sharing with you and I’m about to shoot off into that sewing shed once again. I’ve made a promise to myself to get into the sewing shed in the day time (when I’m home) and do the knitting at night. It’s been working for the last couple of weeks. Lol
Stay safe and remember each day we have is a bonus.

Cheers, Anita.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The ever flowing river
reminds us that
life is eternal.
How great are my holidays? They are so great and they’ve been really productive. We’ve had time to kick back and unwind, spend time with each other, catch up with friends and plenty of creative time. Grab yourself a lovely hot cuppa and join me while I show you what I’ve been up to....

Completely let myself become addicted to these granny squares...

Another cushion in the making.
 I will be selling this one at the tourist centre. A little bit of amusement here, but I can see why these are selling well, I’m totally in love with them and the colours that I’ve chosen simply go together. I’ve had a couple of young girls eye them off. Lol

A sweet top down baby jacket ready to go to a good home. The colours are delicious and it is as soft as the clouds to touch. 

I would love to share the pattern with you but I can’t remember where on the net I got the pattern from.
A mug rug made with glorious bright 100% cotton fabric. This is the last piece I had so a smaller project was needed to use it up.....

So cute and handy
A little carry bag to go with it, not finished yet. I’m still working on this project....

 The bag measures about 9in x 12in and has soft wadding inside. It would make a good travel bag to pop those small things inside.

I’m still chipping away at some other bits but I want to get further along with those projects before I post them. Just on the flip side of my happiness is the other side L....
This time last year, we were travelling around Italy and I miss it. I’m having a quiet little sook sook here, but I’m determined to get back there in the near future.

Beauty in Rome

Checking our maps before going for the walking tour in Pompeii
Jetfoil ride around the island of Capri.

I reckon if I go back to my sewing shed I will start to be all happy again!! Lol J

Cheers, Anita.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I knew I could slide an extra post in!! lol

The greatest thing in this world is not so much
where we are, but in what direction we are moving.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

I’m just loving these holidays, they have given me the chance to slide an extra post in. During the week I had been working away at a crochet project...well....a couple of them actually and here they are.......

 The measurements for the pink cushion cover is 15in x 15 in.

Cushion covers using sweet little granny squares, using 8 ply leftover colours. Though the front has been made using a mixture of colours the back has been done using only the pink but also in small granny squares. What do you think?

The green cushion is 11in x 11 in.

I was surfing the net and came across a rather sweet blog called according to matt, click here for some inspiration. His use of colour and design really gave me some ideas. Be ready for a visit to his blog with a cup of tea and some cake because you will be there for a while.

I was up to some mischief last night as very unusual of me. Lol Our gym instructor is due to have a baby in June and for a tease I have knitted up these little bootees for her baby. The colours have been especially chosen so the baby can support the West Coast Eagles football team....bit of a joke with the gym crew and our instructor.

I’m out of here now to continue my mirth and crafting ways. To all out there who celebrate Easter, may peace be with you and have a lovely Easter.

Cheers, Anita.

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm a little slow poke!

Happiness is contagious! If allowed
to spread, it can infect
the whole universe with joy.

Hello to you all out there in blog land!! Little Miss here is on holidays as of last Thursday and I haven’t stopped running until today!! Lol These holidays are going to be spent doing craft stuff but that doesn’t mean no housework !! I found this cute owl box in Red Dot for only $2 and it is a good size 13in x 17 in. I have a collection of decorative boxes in my corner of the loungeroom....for my projects at night.
 Cute hey?
On Sunday hubby and I went for a trip to the city and purchased a new shoe stand. We’re very pleased with it and has made the room look heaps tidier than before. We purchased it from Ikea.  

While we were there some towels came home with us. All this domestic stuff is worrying me!!!

 Groovy colours
 Our town hosted a big event... Wesfarmers Centenary Community concert with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, local groups and other guests, playing and entertaining. I was one of many volunteers who helped as the event staff and raised money for our own groups while we were at it. We were there for around 7 hours and I can tell was super hot.

 I believe around 5000 people were there and such a great night. Peter Rowsthorn was the MC and if any of you have watched Kath and Kim (Australian version) you will know him as Bretty on the show. He was such a laugh.

A quick show and tell....

I have almost finished this sweet little cushion cover and is not knitted, it is crocheted. I managed to put my needles down to pick up a crochet hook. I have no bad influences around me right now....she’s in Queensland. Oops...that slipped out Heather the feather. Lol

Have an awesome week gals and I might be dropping in a bit earlier in the week if I finish my cushion.
Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where did this week go?

Living well and beautifully
And justly are all one thing.
I can’t tell you where this weekend has gone, but I’m sure I liked it! Lol. I have been chipping away at a baby blanket that I have made several times now and very much enjoyed. I have made this blanket in plain colours before but I tried using a mixed colour yarn and really like how it turned out.
What do you think?

The blanket measures longer than the pattern stated because I added more rows. Here is the pattern if you want to try it.

I’m getting into the funky knitting patterns now because many of the young girls go for it. I, being the vintage and traditional pattern girl found it a bit weird to start with but I’m right into it now. This is the little outfit I’m making now, still for the same person who is due to have her baby in about 10 weeks time.

 I have affectionately named this bundle of joy ‘Little Jack’ for now. Mum is the gym instructor and boy she moves around. I admire her energy. The pattern is here.
Talking about the funky knitting patterns, young Heather the feather gave me this fab library book full of those modern patterns for babies and it’s an incredible book.

Lots of fun knitting here.

Oh talking about Heather the feather, get a load of this pic!! Lol This is what happens when you go to the toilet for just a moment and you leave her at the table with your bag of donated wool!!!!.......

She’s into it!!
Hair and feathers flying! Never turn your back on this one!!!! Love you to bits chickie.
I made the cake I made this morning....absolutely hacked to pieces by the boys. Only managed to get some icing on a small portion of the cake.

Very tasty.

The Year 12 ball was held last night and though only one of my boys attended.....he sure looked smart.

Very handsome.
I’m out of here for now, housework calls me and it must get done. We have enjoyed some much wanted rain and hope to get some more. Here’s hoping.

Cheers, Anita.


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