Sunday, July 8, 2018

So happy to be alive!!!!

A beautiful good morning to you all! Yes....I have resurfaced from the depths of the deep lagoon. So much has been going on lately and after the tough few weeks we've had, I think it is now safer to breathe a little easier and feel more at ease. For the last four weeks Milo has been very unwell starting off with a big stomach ache from chewing to bits one of those knotted ropes and ingesting some of it. So one course of says when he's finished that course of antibiotics he will have to go on another. Vet has spotted another situation. Suddenly Milo's ankle swells..we're just starting the next course of antibiotics. The ankle swelling is part of this next problem. Vet investigates further because the antibiotics should be clearing this up by now. But no! 

A dog skin specialist is called in to help with problem. We now have found that Milo has a Dermodex mite on his body. Dogs have these mites on them already as we have mites on human bodies but it takes a lull in the immune system and the mites multiply at a fast rate. At last we have the cause of his problems. A jab by needle of antibiotics, many dollars later, and patience....he is now on the come back trail. Some people have said they don't know if they would've spent that much money on their dog but the difference to us is Milo is part of our family. It was the duty and promise we took on when we decided to get him. So he is getting well now....and we are living on bread and water for a while πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

All is not bad for us though. My sons girlfriend bought me a ticket to go to the Pink concert as a Christmas present and we went to that last Tuesday night. Pink is an amazing performer. Two hours of singing, dancing, and flying through the air by this incredible performer. Thank you Emma for the ticket, we had a wonderful night together. Not a good photo but believe was fabulous. Here she is hanging from a floating bed.

Image may contain: sky
 I have been enjoying my holidays as well, starting off with a bit of crocheting. This little cute piece is a jug cover with glass beads at the ends of it. These are making a come back to the homes of many.
I finished off a knitted hot water bottle cover I had made some time ago. Very lazy of me to struggle with sewing two buttons on to complete it. Now it is ready for market day in August or for sale over the Internet.
 Heather and I had our market day yesterday with much success and our stock of adult beanies have dried up. That is a good thing of course.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ This beanie had been made a while back too and just needed stitching up.
  I purchased this beautiful variegated yarn recently and had intended to use it on a show entry. Simple thought? I am annoyed πŸ˜’πŸ˜• None of my patterns really showed up the stitches very well so I decided to knit it into a little baby jacket and not enter it in the show. As you can or cannot see....the pattern doesn't show up so much.

Some beautiful yarn.

 So happy with the taste of our strawberries that we have purchased another plant. These are the tastiest strawberries I have tasted for ages. Home grown are surely the best.
Sweet treat....a friend gave me a bag of fabric yesterday. How lucky am I?

Last weekend I attended the Rural Ambassador selecting for our region. Here I am with some beautiful friends of mine. The lovely creature with blonde hair is as beautiful inside as she is outside and is our representative. Her name is Laura and I know her from the gym classes we take together. While we hung around waiting for Laura to return from her interview the rest of the support crowd did some piano playing, learnt line dancing and enjoyed coffee.

 My gorgeous Heather the feather made some delicious biscuits. I am blessed to have her in my lifeπŸ’–

Well beautiful people....I will leave you for now as I can't leave my husband in peace and quiet for too long. He might relax. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 Thank you all for dropping by and for your friendship. Beaming you all kisses and hugs.

Ciao, Anita.

sempre nel mio cuore


Kim said...

Oh dear, poor Milo! So glad he is on the mend. Vets are expensive aren't they...who needs food anyway. =) Love your new knitting and crochet pieces. How fabulous they are disappearing from your stall quicker than quick. Have a fabulous week. Enjoy the holidays!

Julie said...

I am so pleased that Milo is on the mend at last Anita ... hopefully he continues to make a good recovery. I agree with you ... we make a commitment when we take on these beautiful friends & they become part of our family. Sometimes it costs us!! Enjoy your holidays & keep up with your wonderful creativity.

Mereknits said...

Poor Milo! I am glad you have found the problem and are treating it. Of course you have to spend $$$ on healing him, they are family and our responsibility to take care of. Love your projects Anita.

JoJo said...

I'm so glad to hear that Milo is on the mend. I spend money on my pupper too when he's not well. I've been lucky that, overall, both Pepper who is no longer w/ us, and Sagan, have never had a lot of health issues.

Verbena said...

Povero Milo! Quanto dolore avrΓ  avuto.
Spero guarisca presto, hai fatto bene con gli antibiotici.
Buona settimana. Ciao

Maria said...

Sew sorry to read Milo has been unwell but great you have finally found the problem and he's on the mend....I can never understand folk who get a pet anddont wish to care for them properly...
nice to see you still had time to do crafty stuff.
Nice gift from your friend.
Fabulous you got to go to thePink concert.


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