Sunday, June 27, 2010

Giggles & snickers.

The densest forest began
with the growth of
but one single tree.

When Bob and Heather shifted from their old house
with a huge, huge yard and moved into their
new home....with a much smaller yard, I helped them.
During the move, there were a few statements made by Bob
as to how the new yard would be.
The first statement being - 'there will be no plants on this part of the yard that has gravel on it'...........
Oh Heather and I just giggled and gave each other that look. And surprise, surprise, can anyone actually still see any gravel. The more statements he said the worse it got for Heather and I. The giggles turned into snickers, and we were gasping for air. 'There won't be any pot plants on the stairs'...........

It got that out of control, everyone had to walk sideways
to get up the stairs!

I love the decorative mats Bob put on the steps, my pics don't really give them justice, but they have a lovely pattern on them. They are also helpful to make sure you don't slip when you walk sideways up the stairs! lol.

I wanted to share these photo's with you, they just prove once you come across a maniacal greenthumb, they never change.

I was having a gander through Heather's Handmade magazines
and I found a great pattern for a Russian doll....

The face so far has been made out of felt with a stitched on
mouth. The bottom part will have stipes of different colours.
I can't wait to keep pressing on, she's fun to make. I found this
pattern in Handmade Vol 25, No. 10. When she is finished
she will live in the library.....of course.

Talking about libraries, I went to the local library and collected
some books I had ordered in.

I love the look of the Invasion of the plush monsters. I have been given a stack of felt, so I could use felt instead of the plushy material. I have 3 and a half days left of work before the school holidays, so I will be trying to catch up on UFO's and making some of these little critters from the book.
On Friday Brandon and I went for a visit to the Orthodontics for a check up. Brandon is doing really well with looking after his teeth and had some new bands put in. I tried to get him to do some shopping with successful do you think it was to get him to shop? He would only go into one shop at my insistance, to purchase an On the Buses DVD. Does anyone remember On the Buses? It was an english comedy from the 70's or 80's. My boys are hooked on it, they haven't seen all the episodes but they can't stop laughing at what they have seen.

I can hear that kettle boiling away in the kitchen, and do I want to miss out on a cup of tea?    No chance. Hope you are all having the best weekend. My boys are home, the fires roaring, Pixie will knock off work early today, I've got it all. Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

Heather will certainly remember Bob,everytime she steps outside. Happy days.

Micki said...

That Russian doll pattern looks like great fun!


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