Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I herd ewes

Those who are kind
reward themselves.
-Proverbs 11:17

What a lovely week I've had!
Finished lots of knitting, sewing, and oh um...
housework. I just seemed to get things
done this week. As always work is just
the best!! The people I work with are
the sorts you want around you all the time.
Home is always warm and loving, and another
wonderful thing is that Heather is plodding along
one step at a time. This makes me so happy.

On the weekend I had a quick peek in the Op shop and

found an older edition of Homemade and found the cutest pattern...

I had a bit of a cruise around the shop and nothing really jumped
out at me until I spotted the craft magazines.

Oh what's this?...

 Oops...here I go.
No stopping me now.

When I saw these cute girls, I just had to make them.

All these girls are stitched together, and around each little neck is a piece of scrap material as a tie. See! You need to keep every piece of scrap material....just incase!. lol. My pattern is a little bit different to what is in the book. I opted for painted eyes and no bells, only because this herd is now living at the library.

See the Debbie Mumm material? It is one of her older prints, but I still have some of it.
 I am thinking that tonight I will do some stitching, I have the bug now after making the cows. I'm always partial to cloth dolls. Hmmm.

Well, I am off to check on my chooks, most of them have lost
their tail feathers, which means no eggs for a while. But
they have been supreme egg layers so I can't blame them
for wanting a rest while it's cold.

Hoping everyone is having the best time during their busy
week....can look forward to the weekend when we can
do our crafting hey?
Kind regards, Anita.


Country Whispers said...

Those sheep are so cute!
I often see Australian craft magazines on the internet and drool over there cute stitchery & sewing patterns. I'm gonna have to look and see if I can find a place here in the states to obtain some of those magazines.

Sue-Anne said...

I love your little herd of cows! The kids will love them too.

Bev C said...

Great pick up at the op shop and yes I did notice the Debbie Mumm material even before you wrote it!!!!
Happy stitching.

em's scrapbag said...

No you don't want bells in the library. But those cute cows are sure to be welcome.


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