Sunday, June 13, 2010

The long Ohhh's.

Friends are the
sunshine of life.
-John Hay.

We went for a lovely trip to the
city yesterday, Pixie, Cory and me.
We couldn't convince Brandon
to come with us, but we
will always keep trying.
Our plan was to go 10pin bowling
but Cory wasn't interested in
doing that.
Spending money is more interesting, so we hit
the shops. We really had a great time and
I didn't forget Brandon, finding some
super duper head phones for him.
I've been busy with my knitting and as
promised here is a picture of my new
cardigan. I love it!

It has been knitted in plain stitch but the bottom part of the garment
is done in k4, p4. It gives the body such a sculptured look. There is also a cord made to tie the bodice.
I can see this being knitted again in a different colour. I have worn it to work and everyone loved it.

Still busy on the knitting front, I have been wildly knitting away for the Guardian Angel stash and here are some of the things made already.

The Guardian Angel collects all sorts of items, so it is easy to knit whatever you like. Someone will get joy from them and help keep them warm.
This morning I have been listening to the long drawn out Ohhhh's coming from the boys' bedroom. A sleepover friend and my boys are playing the Xbox and every hit and miss gets a deserving Ohhhh. They are so funny to listen to. Brandon had a new friend over the other day, and this young man is quiet, well mannered and didn't want anything to eat.........we were scared!!!! All the kids that have ever come here usually help mow down the cupboard, fridge and freezer. We will get used to this new friend.
I went for a trip to the library the other day and found some new treasures.
Some great finds here!

I'm hoping to find a bit of time today to check them out and see what lovelies are waiting for me in those books. The washing needs doing and I have started that, a bit of house work and squeeze in some pumpkin scones. I hope your weekend is going great for you all. Kind regards, Anita.


Cubby House Crafts said...

I love all your knitting Anita...especially your cardigan!!!

Vickie said...

oh wow Anita..your Cardi is gorgeous well done girl...great to hear you had a good time in the big smoke (hehehe)..all those items are sure going to keep some wee lovelies nice and toasty,cheers Vickie

Sue-Anne said...

Your cardigan is gorgoeus Anita, you've done a great job. I love that little bright cardigan too.

Bev C said...

Great job on the cardigan Anita. Happy Days. Bev.xoxo


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