Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy times ahead

A multitude of small
delights constitute happiness.
- Charles Baudelaire

I thought I would just
drop a quick line and a couple
of pics.
Things are looking up in the last
few days, slowly getting back to normal.

We had a long weekend here in Western Australia
and I relaxed with my lovely three
darlings. Cory & I played a game
called Agitation.

We sat outside in the sunshine and of course
max had to join us. Max is our American Staffy, he's
a big kid. I laugh when people say Staffy's are
savage, Max is a sook sook. He had to
join in on the game we were playing.

We haven't got yahtzee out.....I've hidden that!!
But it didn't matter, Cory still beat me at Agitator.

I had the biggest pile of washing to do this weekend,
9 big loads! So while I was between cycles, I pulled
 out the knitting. I haven't got any to show this time, I'm
saving it for the next posting.
On the weekend I also spent a bit of extra time with Fred.
 Everyone at home just shakes
in their boots when they see me handling Fred.

Do you think it's the beak?
Fred is so cute. Just near the bird cage
I have planted a heap of geraniums, and in
the winter it will serve well as a wind break
for the birds.
I spent a bit of time in the garden too this weekend...did
a bit of weeding and fluffing around

I will be back in a couple of days to show off this lovely
cardigan I have almost finished and some of
the other bits I've been up to.
Until then take care.
Kind regards, Anita.


Cubby House Crafts said...

Sorry to hear about your friend Anita...pleased things are starting to return to normal for you

Sue-Anne said...

I love staffies!!! My girlfriend has two, one of them a blue and they are hilarious. Your cocky looks cool too and he looked as though he was enjoying that scratch.

Micki said...

Can't wait to see your latest cardigan!


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