Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm in shock!

Tell me were is fancy bred,
Or in the heart or in the head?
-William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice.

Hey there guys! Well I've darn right
shocked myself!
I've done some stitching!!
A while back I found this sweet pattern
for a stitcher's stocking and very much
enjoyed making it.
I've started stitching another one. This one
will be going toward a Christmas raffle.

I loved stitching away at this little piece. I am
supposed to be stitching a Russian doll, but
I have put her down for a second.

I'm going to fill this stocking with sewing items
and bits and pieces. Of course it had to be made
in red as I am a red girl. The top
will be joined with a Christmassy print of
material and then wrapped in cello and ribbon.
I'm started to get a bit Christmassy already and
that's because Christmas always seems to catch
up on me very quickly.

I had a visit to the Op shop and found this
great long skirt that I had to cut and make the hem
I cut the top section off because the waistline was
real tight on me. The material itself
is thick and warm for winter. I am a skirt girl
and enjoy wearing tights and skirts in winter.
The colour is much nicer than the photo shows.
I am partial to tailored clothing and simple
cut designs.
Now back to the knitting business....
A friend of mine gave me this cute pattern for a beanie
made with Feathers and 8 ply wool.
I whipped this up in one night! You have one strand of the Feathers wool and one strand of 8 ply wool and knit away. The pattern is below for anyone interested in knitting it themselves.

Feathers Beanie
Approx 2 balls Feathers wool, 1 50gm ball of wool.
6mm needles
Cast on 72sts and k1, p1 for six rows, then knit all rows in garter stitch until 6-8 inches from cast on.
Next row: [k7, k2tog] repeat across row
Next row and alt rows knit
Next row: [k6, k2 tog] repeat across row
Next row: [k5, k2tog] repeat across row
Next row: [k4, k2tog] repeat across row
Next row: [k3, k2tog] repeat across row
Next row: [k2, k2 tog] repeat across row
Next row: [k1, k2 tog] repeat across row
Break yarn, then with a tapestry needle threaded with the yarn from break, thread through remaining sts on needle and draw up tightly.
Sew side seam.
The pattern is so easy, you'll love it.
Today was my last working day of the week, so I went for a spin
to the local library. I had ordered in some wicked books and also found one on the shelf that I hadn't had before.

The top book has some funky young girl stuff in it to knit, and the other books are pretty good as well. I even ordered a crochet book that has toys in it. Have to sit down and really check them out.

I am going to the city tomorrow to visit the dentist and I can wait for that. Good thing is I will stop off at Spotlight...oh...not because I want to but because I need to. lol. Well I'm off now to fold a few more piles of clothing and get the tea started. We are having hamburgers tonight. That is a real change for us because it's usually a cooked meal with lots of veges....the kids will be pretty happy about the whole affair.

Hope you are all well and having the best time crafting away. See you next time. Kind regards, Anita.


Country Whispers said...

I love that stocking. It will be so cute filled with all the little sewing goodies.

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Lovely Christmas stocking and that hat is great. I am sure everyone who knits will be getting the needles out. Happy Days.

Vickie said...

ohh how cute love the stocking..hmmm smarty pants with the skirt...oh oh I must try one of them beanies-thank you for sharing the pattern,cheers Vickie

Micki said...

Love all of your innovative ideas!


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