Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lost and found

 The busy bee teaches us two lessons: one is
not to be idle, and the other is not to get stung.
-Early American proverb.

A while ago I found material and pattern to make a Noah's ark cushion.
I decided to take it home and make it up....
I found this at an Op shop, when I spotted it of course I couldn't believe my luck
nor could I leave it there for someone else!
I loved the colour of the material used on the back.

It's very pretty.

This morning Pixie and I went to the shops, and made a stop in at the craft shop
along the way. We went in to check out the wool. A lovely niece of mine
told me yesterday that she was expecting baby number 3. So with
excitement I had to check out the baby wool.
I haven't come across this wool before but it feels lovely and I take it to be a 4 ply, hence the
name of the wool Cuddles 4 me? I will take photo's of whatever I make out of it.

Also found, on a quick visit to the library was a book I had ordered in called Plush You. I am
really getting interested once again in making toys, and I figure with a new
library being built....there has to be new toys!
So I have shown you all the things I have found, now with a bit of sadness I will show
you something that is going to be lost.
This grand old girl is on the market, and loud whispers are that she will be knocked down
for something else.....
An old lady used to live here alone, and the block would have to be at least 1 acre. On the right
hand side is the drive way...
And on the other side is a huge old fashioned garden.
I just love the footpath through the garden.
The front is adorned with lovely features, old charm, gorgeous windows and the name of the house....
The house has been let go, so the amount of money you would need to renovate would be
through the roof. Which is sad, she is a grand old lady. I even cruised around the back
of the property and took some shots of the back.
I couldn't get the whole yard in this one photo, so you could perhaps imagine the size of the place.
It is unfortunate the house has been let go, could you imagine it in its day! In the next photo take
notice of the sheet of metal in the centre of the picture.....
That sheet of metal is covering a door. Yes...the lower floor of the house has what
is equal to another small unit underneath. A family could live
in the house and rent out the lower unit if they so desired.

I will be sad to see this place go, as our town has bit of a reputation for
pulling down old places and rebuilding model replacements.
At least I have these photo's to remember it by.

I think some people in my house are starving, so maybe I rattle around the
kitchen and make some lunch for the poor things. Have yourself a
great weekend and see you all soon.
Kind regards, Anita.

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aussiequilter said...

thankyou so much for sharing these photos--I love them!Wish I could find a home like that cheers Teri


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