Thursday, June 3, 2010

Farewell dear Bob

Every blade of grass has its Angel that
bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow".
- Richard Wagner.

Today we said farewell to Bob. The sky was warm from the
sun and such a beautiful day to have to say goodbye.
There were many family and friends, and I was
so pleased at the unity surrounding
Heather in this sad time.
We will catch up with each other soon.

I had my three darlings surrounding me too.
I stood back watching my three darlings hug
Heather over and over again.
We look forward to happier times.

I am keeping myself busy with my knitting
and have recently finished a jumper
I will stash away for the Guardian Angel collection.

As I can't stop myself once those knitting needles
are in my hands, I have made a start
on a cardigan for myself. It will be stunning.

Where the needles are
right now is at the start of the eyelets and then
soon after, the armhole shaping.
The top part of the cardigan is plain knitting and
the sleeves are done in sets of needles so there
will be no sleeve seams. I will show and
tell when it is finished.

When we got home from Perth today I went and watered
Heather's garden. I came home and went out
to my own garden for some reflection time.
I couple of geraniums have flowered for the first time.

And also this lovely rose bush that Bob had given me is
in flower.

I will have a quiet night, perhaps a spot of knitting and wind down time. Let's all be thankful we have this wonderful life
and enjoy our time here.
Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

Hugs to you all at this time when you celebrate Bob's life.Oh wow some little child is going ot be soo snug in the jumper it looks awesome-and your cardi sounds interesting I like the colour.Oh wow look at them geraniums well done and Rose is a sign yes it is Bob is watching, cheers Vickie

Micki said...

Love your knitting, and the flowers are beautiful!

Sue-Anne said...

I'm pleased there were a lot people there to support each other at such a sad time. How poignant that Bob's rose is in flower.
Your new little jumper is very cute.


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