Saturday, February 13, 2010

What makes me laugh

Happiness is getting what you want.
Joy is knowing you are never alone.

What a start to the weekend, going down to the shops with Cory and getting a big dose of the giggles. I can't go anywhere with Cory and not come back without having had a good laugh. We spotted so many things that just triggered us both off and that is the end of that. We checked out a few shops that might have the best price for PS2 games, did some food shopping, checked out Toy world and just walked around for a while.

I dropped Cory off home as he is having his friend Corey over for the night and then went back to the Op shop. I found a few things, one being an all time favourite of mine.
This would truly have to be my most favourite baby knitting book in the world. My Mum had a copy of this and later gave it to me. I whipped it to death and then purchased another copy. Even looking after these books so well, I needed to get this copy as the other copy is ready to go to pattern book heaven. I found a packet of what I thought was ribbon from the op shop, great buy for $1 only to get it home and discover it was quill paper. 

All is not lost though, Heather does quilling and these lovely bits will go home with Heather today after our afternoon tea. Today we are going to exchange magazines with each other. Heather can go through my Australian Home spun magazines and I will have her Handmade. Actually lately I have been going mad and excited about knitting for the coming season. I have found a nice stash of Feathers wool that is always nice to knit scarves with.

 I have almost finished my little blue top I am knitting, and it feels like it's taken me forever to make it. It has put me in the knitting mood though, so that's a good thing. I went to the library to see if there was anything that might keep me knitting and I found one really nice book and had to have the other one.
The toy knitting looks like fun and it will be a good way to use up those little balls of wool left over from other things. All the toys will probably end up in the school library. The other book I found is called the Jane Austen's sewing box and what a treasure that is. There are craft projects and stories from Jane Austen's novels. There is a bit of history in there as well, such as, making bonnets and why women wore bonnets etc. It is really interesting.

Some things that make me laugh are the most simple things, like Cory's hat collection. He has a fascination with hats, masks and dress ups. I think it's because when Brandon and Cory were real little I started up a dress up box and made sure there was lots of interesting things in there. They both loved dress up so much that I even made fire man costumes, batman capes, the list is endless. I also realize now that most of the photo's of the boys, they are in dress up!
  I have to say, I couldn't get all the hats in the photo and all of them aren't hanging up. Do you love the punk mask? Well what can I say? Another thing that makes me laugh is the magnet on my fridge.
The boys ask me a question 'Can I ...' and then they look at the fridge. I'm hoping to get my blue knitted top finished today so I can show and tell on my next posting. Enjoy the weekend and catch up with you soon. Kind regards, Anita.


Cubby House Crafts said...

I also have that Patons book...for the crochet items in it as I'm not a knitter. Lisa

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

My Mum had loads of those paton knitting books - I should check if she still has them! I have jsut requested a heap of books from the library too - it is always inspiring. Will have to look out for that Jane Austen book. Have a great week!

Sue-Anne said...

I'm glad you had some special time with your son. My boys are in their twenties now and they still are VERY particular about their hats. That Jane Austin book sounds really interesting, I will have to keep a look out for it.

Vickie said...

Oh yes that book is a keeper I USED to use mine regularly but alas not so much these days, but I wouldn't part with it-and I never loan it out-see told you I am mean....Oh yes I remember boys and their hats-but isn't it great they are such a fashion item-so they wear sun protection without any enforcement.Cheers Vickie
p.s. have you finished the blue top yet, hehehe

Cath Ü said...

yep can see how the quilling paper got you thinking it was ribbon... LOL

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