Monday, February 15, 2010

Finished..thank goodness

After the clouds are swept aside,
brightness will appear.
- Philippine proverb.

I've been knitting away madly for what seems like ages now on a little blue number. You ever had a project that seems to take you forever, well this was one of them.
 I had some left over balls of Capricorn wool and decided to use it up buy knitting this short sleeved, hooded top. The Capricorn wool was not the right recommended wool but did the job anyway. I will be putting this top aside for the Guardian angel collection that comes around in about July every year.

 Oops! Bit bright!!

The top seemed to take forever to make and it is probably because I was itching to knit with the lovely pink wool I purchased over at Toodyay. It is actually an Italian cotton, not wool, but oh so lovely to knit with. I have a beanie pattern in an old book I saved from a book sale and I'm really enjoying myself.
 This photo doesn't actually show the pattern up very well, but there is a lovely diamond pattern happening here. The ball of cotton was only 50 gms, but I'm sure I have enough to make matching bootees. I still have the other  wool to find something to knit yet. I have 300 gms of that and I will be making that for someone special. I'm really going mad on knitting lately, even though the weather is incredibly hot still. My first love in the craft arena is knitting, but every now and then some other craft takes over. But it's back to the knitting for now.

This is my fourth week back at work and I had to laugh at my once square dice. Take a look....
 They are there for the kids so you can't expect anything else. I also took a photo of a couple of other bits I made as well. I had fun making the toys for the library and I have been checking out what else needs to be made. 
I love Mr Porcupine and the heart was fun to make as I love stitching. I have a big stash of threads, so I always find something to make. I am being surrounded by a beady pair of eyes, I think Cory is aching to tell me all about school and what happened today, better make a nice cup of tea and hear what happened.

Hope to catch up and chat with you in a few days time. Kind regards, Anita. 


Sue-Anne said...

Wow, you have been busy with the knitting. That cotton is a really pretty shade of pink.

Micki said...

Your knitting is so beautiful! I love the pink yarn!


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