Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flip it's been hot!

A good character is 
more valuable than gold.
- Philippine proverb

Wow! It has been so hot. Our summer is really dragging on and it seems that the best thing to do is to stay inside and do my crafts. I have had a great week at work and with tomorrow being my last work day for the week, I will continue to look for my next project. I have a few things on the go now, but I want something to get my teeth into, like a lovely table runner. I did find some left over materials from a heart quilt that I had made and decided to make a couple of small heart blocks.

 This won't be part of my challenge with Bev but as I am a heart girl, I am making something else. Will show and tell soon. I have been scratching around the cupboards again lately and have re-arranged things in different containers. I found this little house tin somewhere years ago and just can't part with it.
It has become a new home for some of my wooden bits. I love the little girl faces, and use them often on different things I make.
Some of the small bits I have here go well with the cloth dolls I make. I have found some fun shapes at times.
I have found a use for an old Ferrero Rocher box. My beads where just living in a plastic bag and I always worried if that plastic bag broke. Now they seem nice and safe.

While I was outside watering the garden, I couldn't help but take a snap of the night sky. Isn't it lovely?
Now with the colour of the sky, wouldn't you think it might be bringing us some rain.......
Nope. No rain. We did have a small patch of rain a couple of days before and it actually woke me up. I had forgotten what rain sounded like, it gave me a fright. I noticed on the news tonight that Northern Territory and Queensland were having storms and rain....we just want the rain please. Some one do a rain dance for us?

Pixie and Brandon have gone out for a while tonight and my petal Cory and I are having a relaxing night. Cory tells me all about his day at school and at the moment the news is very interesting. I'm off now to stir Cory up a bit and be a big lizard on the lounge with him. Have a great night to you all. Kind regards, Anita. 


Bev C said...

Anita,Love the sunset photo's. I hope you are not like a lizard flat out drinking on the lounge!!!! Lucy missed the rain on Sunday,a little sleep in for her. She got onto Facebook and all her friends were raving about the rain. We must be the only part of Australia that is still not getting rain.

Micki said...

We are in the dead of winter, so do you want to send us some of your heat? I love the pretty, and the pic of the sunset was beautiful!

clare's craftroom said...

Beautiful photo Anita ! We had a little rain today and I do mean little .


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