Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home safe and sound

Happiness is contagious! If allowed
to spread, it can infect
the whole universe with joy.

Pixie and Cory had a great weekend away doing what they love best - go karting. But to my relief they are home safe and sound. With the boys away go karting and Brandon away at a friend's house, that meant a very quiet sewing weekend for me. It was lovely to just plod around and sew and do things at my own pace but it is certainly much nicer to have everyone at home. I did manage to finish a few UFO's, I'm pleased about that, now I can start on some other things as there is no rest for the wicked.

My first project to complete was this lovely little piece called Charli Anne.
This little girl was designed by Cath and she is great fun to make. The material I used for the dress, frill, collar and headband was from the fat quarters I was given as a birthday present from my sister-in-law Lee. I still have alot of colours to choose from to make other things, so I will have to get a wriggle on.
My other project was to finish a skirt I had started and gladly that was sewn up in no time and very easy to make.
This is such a lovely light material and I just adore the colours and print. With more hot weather coming on, I'm sure I will be happy in this light skirt. Those two projects kept me busy in the day time and then at night, I did some knitting. For tea I had a nice mince and noodle dish that I froze knowing this weekend was coming up. So that meant no cooking, hardly any dishes and lots of time to sew.
I decided to make a nice tea cosy and as I am trying to use my wool stash, I thought I'd use the white and blue wool. I haven't been using my teapots for a while, mainly because things are just at a rushed pace lately, so maybe this will encourage me again. This morning I found some bits of material and decided to make a couple of little things out of it.
A cute little bag for a girl. A very fun bag to make, as I have made some of these little gems before. This bag will get packed away for a special little girl I  know and she might even find a Charli Anne in there too. Some beautiful material, that I only had a fraction of but couldn't bring myself to get rid of, became....
I found a pattern for a page stopper so I thought I'd make one and had a lovely gold tassel floating around that finished it off nicely. I thought this might come in handy when I need to keep that recipe page open on the right page. With still a bit of time to spend, I even replaced a zipper on Brandon's school shorts. How is that for scary? 
Have to be honest with you all. Not one of my favourite tasks but I do it when the time calls. I'm hoping this week will be at a slower pace than the last as I am really wanting to do more knitting this week. Last week I ended up working everyday, something I wouldn't have been interested to do in my last job. Seeing as this new job is the bee's knees I just couldn't help myself. It is really a lovely work place. On Friday at morning tea, I was presented with a birthday cake, as my birthday falls in the school holidays, I had missed out on a cake. That's how lovely the people are in this new work place.

I'm buzzing off now to sort out my next project and I need to spread out my magazines to find the right one. Cory is wanting to see how many eggs might be in the chook house, so we'll have to go and do that in a second. Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend and I will chat with you some day soon. Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

Holy snappin duck poop bat woman are you must be worn out,cause I was just reading all you have achieved ..well done girl---cheers Vickie

Bev C said...

Hello Anita, You have been a busy little beaver.Love that little page holder,very useful especially when following a recipe. "Happy Monday"

Sue-Anne said...

Wow, you've had a very productive weekend! Happy Birthday!


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