Sunday, December 5, 2021

 Look for something positive in everyday... 

even if some days you have to look a little harder. 🌺


Well hello there all my beautiful friends 💖 I hope the week has treated you well and that your weekend is full of all good things. My week has been interesting, all sorts of strange and wonderful things have happened. I have gone crazy with my craft work and I have been like one of those old  steam trains and kept chugging along. lol At times with the steam and all. (Depending whether people annoyed me or not) 😅

Recently I had my yearly check up with my skin specialist and unfortunately he found another spot that he did not like at all, so last week I had it removed. If any of you have had moles and spots taken off your nose will probably know how much the needles hurt when they go in there. 😂 I told my doctor that if he ever has to take a mole off my nose again that I will go down the backyard with a chisel and scrapper and do it myself. lol At least the offending spot is off my face and just waiting for biopsy report to come back. I imagine that all is good because I have not heard back from them. I go back to have the stitches out this coming week.

So while I've spent much time inside recovering, I decided to attack my yarn stash and make lots of beautiful things.

I don't seem to be able to keep up with the demand of tea cosies so I made three more to add to the collection and I will have to keep on making them.

We had our last markets yesterday so I will now have time to make more of these sweet little baby cotton dresses for the first market back in February. I made some of these last summer and they were bought straightaway.  They are very cute.

Another cotton baby set, made with love. I love all the different tones in this yarn and 2 balls was enough to make this little top. I had a little yarn left over so I added a plain colour and made some matching boots. I love all these patterns you find on the internet.

Being a curious bunny myself, I thought I would try making these little comfort blankets once again. They did sell last time I made a couple so I don't know why I didn't make more? lol 

I was even so full of energy that I got out into my sewing shed and made so sewn girls hand bags. Perhaps it was the fact that I bought myself a new over locker?

And here is Mr Sticky beak snoop dog Milo. Every time I call out to him so I can get a face shot with my camera, he turns and looks everywhere else. 😂😂😂

So you lovely lot of beauties, it is time for me to go. This morning I have been out in the sewing shed and have half made a bag but it became very hot today. A very warm 36C is a bit much for me to stay out there. I'm now going to finish this afternoon doing some crocheting.

Ciao, Anita.


Verbena said...

Sei la regina dell'uncinetto e della maglia. Buona settimana.

Karen S said...

I am pleased that you get regularly checked for those nasty spots. definitely worth it.
Isn't it funny how tea cosies have become popular again. We can all remember our grandparents using them.
Lovely to see all your projects ready for the New Year. It gives you a bit of time to build up stock again.

Maria said...

Hope all went well with the nose!
Pretty tea cosies and baby clothes and the little bags are very cute….


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