Sunday, May 9, 2021

🌷 Happy Mother’s Day🌷

 Hello lovely people!! We are celebrating Mother's Day today so I send love to all those mother's out there and truly hope you enjoy today. I believe mother's should be appreciated whatever day it is but since we have a dedicated gives me every reason to sit here all day and knit...without any grief from anyone 😂😂.

What have I been up to lately?  

 I completed an order for a christening set and this actually made me very excited because it has been a very long time since I have heard of a christening taking place. Not just due to covid but truly, a long time that a christening has happened. This set has been knitted in an 8 ply yarn, I used the instructions from a book but added a pattern of my choice because it looked nicer, I like it just so.

There was a little problem finding the yarn, so in the meantime I started knitting the christening set in a darker case we couldn't find the lighter shade of yarn. 
So the difference with this set is that the instructions ended the lacy part of the jacket an inch and a half lower from the armhole. I didn't like this so much once I'd finished, so I changed it when I knitted the set again. It still looks lovely though.

I had an amazing win last week. I scooped these cement garden edgers up for little dollars. 

These eight segments make a perfect circle shape and I hope to have them set up in the garden today. Fingers crossed.

Last night I had a crochet night and stayed up til crazy hours. I finished this little beauty of a poncho. I still have to make 2 tassels and it's done. For the top of the poncho I made several small granny squares and this gave me the chance to use up small lengths of leftover yarn. I then continued in the round using big splashes of colour to make this bright beauty.

Yesterday I was on  Aunt duties and looked after 4 children......loved it! But then in the afternoon I took off to join my group of crazy friends for a clean up at the pavilion. In true form, after the tidy up and preparations for our Poultry auction, the dress up happens. 
The dress up is a reward for all the hard work in tidying up the shed. lol I look like a little gypsy, my friends - they look funny. Love them.

I am leaving you all for now and off to enjoy my mother's day. Have an amazing weekend, and thank you all for stopping by my blog. 

Ciao, Anita.


Maria said...

Both the baby sets are lovely.
Beautiful bright poncho you’ve crocheted....
The kerb it will look great in your garden..
Your friends and you always have a fab time....

Karen S said...

Beautiful work on the christening set. I hope that is kept as a family treasure and passed on in the family. Very special.

Julie said...

Gosh your knitting is just stunning Anita!! Such beautiful detailed work - amazing!!


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