Saturday, April 17, 2021


I shouldn’t have blinked! My holidays are finished and it’s back to work on 

Monday morning. I did have an amazing, fun and productive time though. 

You may remember me saying that the gym I used to go to no longer has 

the cardio classes my friends and I do, so we left.

I searched around to find a new exercise meeting place for my gang. We 

have no other gymnasiums in town, so it was going to be tough. But guess 

what!!?......I found us a new place. 

Meet my new friends.. we are all up on Mount Ommanney this day. The 

lady on the right of me in this photo is Rachel. She is an incredible 

athlete and her circuit classes are tough. So these girls are members 

from the PCYC club.....

and these new friends are members of the Running club. 
I added this photo for my lovely Italian friend Verbena. Look what I found!!!!😘

Well I am very happy with myself that I have finally finished these three 

crocheted sets for a customer. She wanted two blue sets and one pink set. 

All the same pattern and size. I loved making them and even more happy 

that I can now drop them off.

My spare time didn't last long because this morning I was given another 

order from another customer for two christening sets. The sets will 

consist of cardigan, beanie and booties.

The achievements I have made in the garden over the holidays are more 

than I could've hoped for. I relaid and added garden plastic underneath 

the brickwork ; straightened up the slab path that runs along side the 

bricks ; and painted more of the cement balustrades.

I have a few empty pots that need filling still but I'll get there. 

The cream brickwork is now twice the length it was, so now all the bricks have been used up.
Dear Milo helping me in the yard.

Milo being a snoop!!

 Tomorrow I plan to enjoy the last day of my holiday and also to celebrate my youngest sons birthday. It will be the last birthday he celebrates living at home because he and his girlfriend move to the city soon. Next year for his birthday we will visit him in his new home.💕💕

Well my dear friends, I am signing off now. I plan to make a start on this next project because one day I would like to do some knitting or crocheting projects that I want to do to add to my market day stock. lol I blow you all hugs and kisses to all parts of the world. I think of you beautiful people all the time.
Ciao, Anita.x


Kim said...

Oh, I think there will be many more days of you making pretties for customers. Your garden is looking lovely. There are so many places to sit and enjoy the view. Wonderful you have found a new gym. It's a pity holidays have to end. Enjoy your week

Verbena said...

Grazie per la foto, mi fa piacere di essere spesso nei tuoi pensieri.
Ti mando un bacio, Ciao

Maria said...

Looks like you’ve found two great groups to enjoy your exercise with......
Beautiful crocheted 🧶 baby set so I can see why you keep getting orders.. I’m sure you’ll have time to make pretties for the market too.
How’s Heather the Feather going ?
You’ve done lots of work in the garden and it looks gorgeous....
Milo is a great help ! 🤔

Mereknits said...

You have been very busy my friend, getting so much done with the wonderful crochet projects and your garden. Glad you were able to enjoy time off and find a place for you all to exercise. Stay safe.

Karen S said...

Those little crochet sets look gorgeous. Lovely work.
I am pleased you were able to sort out a set up for your exercise group.
Great to see your garden doing well. I got stuck into mine yesterday getting it all ready for the Winter cold.
Hope you had a good start to work this week.


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