Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes
and roll down my cheeks.


Good morning and happy Sunday to you all! I'm wondering if anyone can hear me crying my head off because I go back to work tomorrow? I have been on Long Service leave and also school break, so it's been several weeks of being at home enjoying myself. All is good, I have such a wonderful job that it is only for a while that I sulk about having to go to work, but I love it once I'm there. I have always wanted to stay at home rather than going out of the home to work...but never mind.😅😅

Last night I made a start on a fox scarf. Now that I have some free knitting time to do as I please, I thought I would have a go at making this scarf. I have no pattern but have looked at photos on Pinterest for ideas. This is my result so far. I have started at the nose using black yarn and then changing over to a cream shade for the face. I have used an 8 ply yarn with size 8 (4mm) needles. I will show you my progress as I go.

 This is how my garden grows.....beautiful strawberries, and they really taste like strawberries. When I picked these two this morning I had such a surprise........💗
 How cool is the shape of this one? I 💗 it. I've also eaten it now as well.🤣

You all know how I always say beautiful, kind things about my friend

Heather the feather (and I never say anything mean about her)?  well....these are some of the gorgeous gifts she gave me for collecting her mail while she was away on holidays. Heather is very kind...and she's a hairy little wombat 🤣🤣🤣.

The latest edition of my favourite craft magazine has arrived and there are some very pretty ideas to make. I am very happy that there are more knitting and crochet patterns coming in the magazine now.
 We had our market day yesterday, with success 🌟🌟 and several of the Messy bun hats were sold. That is the amazing thing about people. Our weather has turned to the in between climate; one minute hot, one minute cold, so really not hat wearing weather. So it intrigued me that I sold so many yesterday. I am happy though but it shows you can never really tell what people may buy from you. I wasn't sure I was even going to bring the woolly hats with me at all but I'm glad I did.
 Here are the hats I made yesterday. Just like a woolly hat but with a big opening for girls or ladies to pull their bun or pony tail through and still wear a hat.
 Here is my harvest of lavender that I cropped yesterday. I love the smell so much.

Well my friends...I leave you now as I enjoy my Sunday, and prepare for tomorrow 😢😢😢...🤣🤣🤣. My prayers go out to the people in Calabria who have suffered intense flooding and Sicily who have in recent hours experienced strong shocks from tremors. Prayers 🙏🙏🙏 to Italy.
Ciao, Anita.


Kim said...

I can smell the lovely aromas of your strawberries and lavender all the way down here. Those strawberries look delicious. Ours haven't even started to think about fruiting. Your fox scarf is looking great and those hats are fabulous. I suppose with the weather day hot, one day cold, it is always a good thing to have some woollies around. Have a great term back at school. It's the last one of the year then it's six weeks off. That must really put a smile on your dial. Have a great week, lovely Anita.

Karen S said...

Great work on the fox scarf. That will grow very nicely.
And I am impressed with the strawberries. They do look delicious.
How lovely of Heather to give you all the goodies. Lots of buttons for you to stitch on!!
I agree. It is odd what people buy and when at markets. But you are known for your knitted hats so you always need to have a few there on the table.
Enjoy the perfume from your lovely lavender.

Mereknits said...

So sad to go back to work but once you are there you'll be making so many people happy you will forget all about being there. I need a god few weeks off but if I don't work I don't get paid so there it is I have to go in. Love the knits and the beautiful strawberry.

JoJo said...

I loooove lavender! You had a bumper crop!! Do you dry it for potpourri? As an American I admit I was surprised to see the black boy & girl buttons. That would never, ever fly in the USA.


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