Sunday, March 11, 2018

The best feeling in the world....
Is when you look at that special person and they're already smiling at you.
Well good morning to you all! Is anyone else wondering what has happened to our Autumn? It's supposed to be cooling down now hey? lol....not even! Last week every day stayed hot well into the night and just stayed with us. This didn't stop me from my crochet work so at least that is a bonus. Another joy this week was that my husband and I celebrated 28 years of marriage. I have now been with him for half of my life. lol I couldn't have asked for anything better. A happy life. πŸ’

I'm very excited to say that I have finished my bright cushion and just love how it's turned out.  I've got that warm, happy feeling of noticing all the small bundles of yarn have been getting used up. The space I can now see in my yarn be's very exciting to me.

The back of the cushion is also completed in striped colours and decorated with little crocheted flowers.

I know you're all going to find this hard to believe, but this week I got into a bit of mischief. One of the ladies at work accidentally threw her teabag into some one's handbag instead of getting it in the rubbish bin. A couple of us saw it happen and the fun and teasing started.

Being creative can really be beneficial especially when you can annoy a friendly way of course....(or whatever). So Tilly the teabag. Tilly is made of calico, stitched mouth, felt cheeks, sewn on eyes and a pretty purple ribbon.
 How about this? She comes with a gusset and all!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
 She can join us in the staff room, or... in your bag!
 I'm one of those people that need to go to confession a fair bit. I am naughty.πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
After all that teasing I purchased some lovely bits from the craft shop in town. I need some rewards after all my hard work teasing. A big bag of buttons can always make me happy and lengths of broderie anglaise also helps.

How do you like my display I set up in the library? I hove owls so I thought i would include them. For my Italian friends, the words say "Who likes to read?" Across the tables I have bright I spy table clothes that I made for the library and heaps of interesting books. It is all done to be attractive and exciting for the children.
Well I'm pushed for time this week, so I need to take off now. I have to leave you with a photo of Milo. This is his "aren't I sweet face". Oh give me strength!!! I really know what he's like. 🐢🐢🐢

Until next time...stay happy.
Ciao, Anita.


JoJo said...

Milo is so adorable! Congrats on your anniversary! I hope your fall comes soon and relief from the heat. March in New England is giving us a pounding after a relatively easy winter.

Maria said...

How did your hubby manage to stay so long....LOL NO Congrates on your Anniversary....
Your crocheted cushion is gorgeous ...\The Owl display in the school library is adorable and I'm sure it makes coming and picking a good book to read fun.
Hahahaha!!!! the tea bag is fantastic and I'm sure your friend will never live down accidentally tossing the tea bag into the handbag.....
Yes where is Autumn ?????

Julie said...

Your cushion is just gorgeous Anita. And I love Tilly the teabag. I can imagine the ladies face when it landed in someones bag!!! Milo is indeed adorable. Have a great week Anita ... try not to get into too much mischief!

Capricci della Ste said...

Il cuscino Γ¨ FAVOLOSO

Karen S said...

Looks like a good week for you. Lovely finish on the cushion. And I am sure all enjoyed your teabag fun.
The lace and buttons look lovely.
I think your library display is wonderful. that should appeal to all your little visitors!

Mereknits said...

You make me laugh every week. The tea bag incident is so funny and you making that tea bag is just hysterical. I love the library display and Milo! Oh my I want to rub that sweet pink spot on his nose.

Kim said...

The cushion is gorgeous and the back, even more so! Your library looks like a most wonderful place to sit a while and get lost in a book or two. Such a cheery place! As for Autumn.....I say just keep on keeping on. Happy anniversary to you and your husband, lovely Anita!


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