Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cute Owl Clipart

Hope is a
waking dream.

Hello there! I’ve managed to sneak in another few projects to share with you all. My little turtle friend here is an inspiration from surfing the net.
Mr. Turtle is about 4 inches long and simple to make and sorry there is no pattern, just made up from ideas!! I  have used felt for the feet, head and tail. A few beads for the eyes and finding some left over bits of lace, I thought that might be nice around the rim of the shell. I google imaged toy turtles and all these fantastic designs appeared.
A knitted cat has been made and I did make this using a pattern I had found on the net!!
 Click  here for the cat pattern. Though I must say I still just did my own thing with decorating him. More  owls have been crocheted, they go to the school to live.....
two very cute baby beanies (who have both already found homes). They have been knitted using 8 ply yarn and size 8 knitting needles.

Best fun of all is this little doll that has been made in a rectangle shape and bits added.
 I have cut out two rectangles, one in calico, the other in a print material.
Stitch the two pieces together, sew ric-rac over the join, and add whatever you want.
I have used black felt for the hair and stitched it down, stitched on a mouth, felt cheeks and sewed on buttons for the eyes. Fill her up with toy stuffing and there you are. I am making another one to go with her. I love the simple patterns, they're quick to sew and fun to make.
Lovely Linda has sent me these two books and I'm thrilled as to receive them.
Many thanks Linda and stay strong girl. I've had a fantastic week catching up with old and new blogging friends, it's been great chatting with you and hearing your news. I particularly love looking at every one's projects and hearing news of your part of the world. Thank you all so much for sharing with  me.
I'm about to zoom off into that sewing shed once again as today so far is much cooler and hubby and Brandon have taken off to the city for most of the day. Cory (typical teenager won't be awake any time soon), and I'm about to give my sewing machine a good thrashing (in a loving way).
Cheers to you all, Anita.



Leanne said...

Wow you have been busy, your little turtle is so cute.

Karen said...

I knew you wouldn't be sitting around doing nothing. There is always something on the go at your place.
You have sent your hot weather our way. We are already 41c, but the house is cool so I can't complain.
Love all the projects.

Tania @ Out Back said...

I love your craft work Anita :)

I should be doing more crafting while this hot weather is here, not much doing outside in the heat :)


Sharon said...

Lots of adorable projects! You are busy!


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